Top 11 Best Bodrum Beaches

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Life in the world started in the water, so an enormous number of people are exceptionally excited about the ocean.

Bodrum is an ideal occasion objective introducing shorelines, inlets, and nature. The sheer prominence of Bodrum beaches has for a surprisingly long time been the subject of sonnets and tunes.

Bodrum draws in a lot of adjoining and overall guests to its shores. Bodrum Peninsula has a piece of Europe’s most magnificent shores. Bodrum’s shores can be very remote and calm if you know where to look.

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The Bodrum beaches dissipated here are doubtlessly Turkey’s best spot to visit from June to September. First-time Bodrum guests ought to see that Bodrum’s shorelines don’t have touchy white sand.

Best Bodrum Beaches for You

When you want to visit the Bodrum landmass, make sure to look at it to our pick of top Bodrum beaches.

  1. Gümbet Beach:

SPECIALITY: Family-obliging clean sands.

Gümbet Bodrum Beach

Gümbet Beach is a 1-km-critical length of splendid sand against moderate shallow waters and is popular with those searching for an adrenaline rush in Bodrum. The main draw of this seaside is the assortment of water practices available, which fuses scuba plunging, windsurfing, water skiing, fly skiing, and parasailing.

Gümbet Beach is one of Bodrum’s best plunging spots – the Big Reef bounce site is straightforwardly before the seaside. 

Under the clear seas, you’ll have the choice to come exceptionally close with a colossal coral reef, sea devils, starfish, and progressively toned fish. Numerous sea sidebars offer free sunbeds with a solicitation for a couple of food or drinks to chill around the sea.

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  1. Bitez Beach:

SPECIALITY: Swimming in clear waters.

Bitez Best Bodrum Beach

Hop into dreams and a nursery of fragrant tangerine trees. Bitez Beach, in any case, called Bitez Yalısı, has been the subject of different tunes and poems. It is most visited among Bodrum beaches.  

The Blue Flag seaside is around eight kilometers from the midtown region. Bitez similarly offers setting up camp regions and parade objections. 

For Bodrum summer events that swam with fish for clear waters, make sure to put Bitez Beach on your once-over.


  1. Yalıkavak Public Beach:

SPECIALITY: A clear seaside for a trip with a view.

Yalıkavak Bodrum Public Beach

Yalıkavak Public Beach is a stone seaside with clear blue waters on the Kudur Peninsula, around a 30-minute drive from Bodrum’s downtown region. 

You can enjoy a viewpoint on the Yalikavak Merkez Mosque and the Yalikavak sound. A couple of superyachts are gotten on the marina as it has the most incredible bay in Turkey.

The laidback quality of Yalıkavak Public Beach makes it a spot for an excursion, so get some new products at Yalikavak’s without fail market before progressing here. 

Loungers are permitted to use, but there aren’t any cushions, so lay your towels on them to get settled.

  1. Fener Beach:

SPECIALITY: Watersports.

Fener Bodrum Beach

Under the breeze system in the channel between the Fener seaside and the island of Kos converse, this is by a long shot the best spot for kite and windsurfing. It is counted in the list of best Bodrum beaches. 

Beginners and intermediates ought to cling to the mornings when it’s less stormy; in the afternoon, conditions range from little waves to a 5ft swell for bounces.

  1. Karaincir Beach:

SPECIALITY: Safe swimming.

Karaincir Bodrum Beach

Five minutes’ drive east of Akyarlar, squint and-you-miss-it Karaincir is the essential bay you see.

Notwithstanding the way that it is wide and sandy, the different sides are sheltered by inclines, so the water hushes up – ideal for shallow swimming with small kids. 

There are wooden docks over the water for sunbathing or cooling your feet in the water.

  1. Yahsi Beach:

SPECIALITY: Crystal-clear waters.

Yahsi Bodrum Beach

It’s hard to tell where Yahsi closes and the accompanying seaside, Ortakent, begins (Yahsi is the more involved, western completion of the two and where you’ll notice the day boat wharf). 

There’s a harbor and two or three specialty dials back often set up in the middle, a pebbly shore fixed with loungers, many restaurants and without a doubt, the clear waters for swimming wherever in the projection.

  1. Bodrum Sports Club Beach:

SPECIALITY: A most adored spot for swimming.

It’s a laid-back seaside with a certifiable area feel and an uncommon choice to head to a few spots with relatively few new tourists. 

Bodrum Sports Club Beach

The seaside’s one restaurant has a tremendous hidden stage standing out into the sea. Bathroom and shower workplaces are kept clean, and there are a few advancing hotels, too. The water here is clear, so it’s a most favorite spot for swimming among Bodrum beaches.

  1. Kumbahçe Beach:

SPECIALITY: A tranquil retreat paying little mind to day or night.

Kumbahçe Bodrum Beach

Rather than the most well-known beaches with tourists from abroad, this 300-meter stretch of the public seaside is quiet and sees small gatherings.

What truly isolates Kumbahçe Beach from various beaches is the lovely viewpoint of the city and the shoreline that lights up around evening time.

 Come to watch the nightfall and stay for an ardent beachside dinner with shimmering city lights as your setting. 

Since this is a stone seaside, make sure to wear your shoes preceding wandering onto the shore.

  1. Aspat Beach:

SPECIALITY: A seaside for nature dears in Bodrum.

Aspat Bodrum Beach

Aspat Beach is a private stretch of sand on the lower locales of Aspat Hill. It’s moreover one of the last faultless Bodrum beaches. 

There’s a harbor for beachgoers to jump off into the sea to swim, with fishes visible from the surface. 

As you stroll around the seaside, you’ll go over many marble figures carved by contemporary subject matter experts. Other than going during your time on the pleasant folding chairs on wooden stages or swinging in a lounger, you can go windsurfing or take a cruising delineation with Aspat Sailing School.

  1. Camel Beach:

SPECIALITY: Camel rides around the sea.

Camel Bodrum Beach

Camel Beach is arranged in Ortakent and is reached by the minibusses leaving from the bus station.

 It is possible to get Camel rides close to the sea. Camel Beach is 2 kilometers long, so it is likely the longest seaside of Bodrum.

One of Bodrum’s fundamental activities is boat visits. You can see this seaside by participating in a boat visit. The expanse of Camel Beach is shallow, so it is moreover a sensible area for families with kids.

  1. Gundogan Beach:

SPECIALITY: Proper spots for surfing, cruising, and scuba bouncing.

Gundogan Bordum Beach

Gundogan seaside is a great one of the Bodrum Peninsula. It is maybe the most peaceful seaside among all Bodrum beaches. 

You can participate in the sea and normal air at the Blue hailed seaside of Gundogan, and with a free section. 

Accepting you like water sports, Gundogan is one of the most suitable spots for surfing, cruising, and scuba making a dive Bodrum.

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