14 Absolute Best Places to Visit in Maine, New England

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Maine is maybe the best spot to visit in the United States. Maine addresses a near portion of New England’s entire land locale. 

Maine’s unparalleled scene, favourable fish scene, and laid-back environment have made the express an undeniable necessity visit objective among New Englanders. 

To help you with finding the state’s most satisfying complaints, U.S. News surveyed Maine’s top sights, intense pursuits, and worth, among various components. 

The unique places to visit in Maine are from outside trouble spots to cool waterfront towns and culture-squeezed metropolitan networks, 

The striking thing about Maine is that it doesn’t discourage travelers who make an appearance considering these genuine pictures.

Maine Attractions

Maine is one of the top issues with the visit to New England. There are a ton of inspirations to worship Maine. 

The delightful reference points, the islands near shore, charming waterfront towns, the well-known Maine lobsters, and significantly more are a couple of cool places to visit in Maine. 

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Explorers like visiting Maine the whole year to take advantage of the attractions and activities across the entire state. 

Other top protests consolidate Freeport, Ogunquit, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport. Despite the metropolitan networks and towns, Maine is known for its scenes.

Voyager Season in Maine

The voyager season in Maine is all through the pre-summer. 

The mid-drawn-out times of July and August are especially involved for the movement business when Maine has the best environment and warm waters at the beaches. 

Maine is welcoming over 35 million visitors in years. There are still millions that come during each season for travelers expecting to avoid summer swarms. 

There are various incidental attractions and offices in Maine that can impact your schedule things.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Maine

Track down the best places to visit our overview of the top places to visit in Maine as your assistant.

1. Old Orchard Beach

Town in Maine
[See Map]

Old Orchard Beach revels in the unrefined honky-tonk climate of its harbor and exciting rides at New England’s last full-scale amusement Mecca on a beach. 

This Play land has all of the typical rides: a Ferris wheel straight over the waves, a great ride, a more seasoned style carousel, crash-mobiles, and twelve or so other youngster pleasers. 

Wharf stands and street-side windows sell fries, fragile frozen yogurt, saltwater taffy, and singed blend. The sands are scoured each night by volunteers.

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2. Acadia National Park

National park in Maine
[See Map]
Address: Maine, United States
Phone: +1 207-288-3338

Acadia National Park is among the best places to visit in Maine in summer that incorporates a gigantic inland district of lakes, streams, and forest areas. 

The beautiful Park Loop Road winds its course through the amusement region past the rule attractions and is the best method for visiting the diversion region using a vehicle. 

Various highlights in the amusement region are Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and the enthusiastic hole of Thunder Hole. There are two camp regions in the amusement region and different picnic locales.

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3. Victoria Mansion, Portland

Historical landmark in Portland, Maine
[See Map]
Address: 109 Danforth St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
Phone: +1 207-772-4841

Victoria Mansion is an exceptional Italian-style house worked during the nineteenth century. 

The designing and within nuances are decisions, and it’s one of the most richly spiced up mid-Victorian homes in the country. Most of the products are novel and close by the house. 

They give a concise investigation of how Portland’s prosperous dwelled during the pre-normal clash time. 

Victoria Mansion offers a delineation of Victorian art and culture that is unparalleled.

4. Ogunquit

Town in Maine
[See Map]

Energetic and inviting, Ogunquit is great for the casual pilgrim. Trained professionals and seaside bums a similar rush here for its excellent shore. 

Following a day of sun and sand, take a gander at the restaurants on Main Street, which serve everything from lobster dishes to develop a to-table charge. 

Because of its lenient air and various gay-obliging bars, Ogunquit is a well-known move away from the target for people from the LGBTQ social class.

5. Kennebunkport

Town in Maine
[See Map]

A politico can see you that the Bush family has been going on Kennebunkport for a seriously significant time frame. 

Kennebunkport is one of the amazing places to visit in Maine that is fundamental, sea-driven bliss: a trademark sea side target with miles of unpleasant shoreline touched with summer homes and boats. 

Around, neighborhood fisher-and lobstermen pass the morning’s catch on to the restaurants while skilled workers open up a shop of Dock Square. 

Without a doubt, even the beaches are unassuming and quiet, with secret pathways driving you from the road.

6. Sugarloaf Mountain

Mountain in Maine
[See Map]

Sugarloaf Mountain is the best view for your next move away. Skiers will have a great time with Sugarloaf’s many shred-honorable decisions. 

Fat journeying, canine sledding, and ice skating are well-known. Meanwhile, pre-summer is extraordinary for zip lining, kayaking, climbing, and Segway visits, among various encounters.

7. Augusta

City in Maine
[See Map]

Maine’s capital consistently goes unrecognized as visitors head to the state’s coastlines, but Augusta offers various activities that would be useful. 

You’ll find Victorian manors and agreeable short-term boardinghouse offices nearby the Maine State House, the Maine State Museum, and Old Fort Western. 

You can see the value in nature at the Viles Arboretum, climb the Bond Brook Trails, or picnic on the grass in Capitol Park.

8. York

York is among the interesting places to visit in Maine that offers something for every person from the family to appreciate. Memento shops, stores, and many frozen yogurt parlors are around the midtown area. 

Arcades, bowling alleys, amusement Mecca rides, and greens in like manner multiply here, so youngsters will not at any point get depleted. 

Visitors will have their pick of lodging decisions, including monetary arrangement hotels and inquisitive lodges.

9. Baxter State Park

State park in Maine
[See Map]
Address: Millinocket, ME 04462, United States
Phone: +1 207-723-5140

Baxter State Park is a broad wild area boasting an alternate people untamed life and Sublime Mountain sees. 

Baxter State Park has mountain bears, moose, and white-followed deer. A couple of dynamic beaver states moreover exist in the entertainment region. 

Birdwatchers consistently visit the entertainment region for the opportunity to notice such species as hawks, hawks, owls, thrushes, songbirds, and flycatchers. 

The diversion region moreover incorporates a couple of climbing trails and unimaginable ignores.

10. Camden Hills State Park

State park in Maine
[See Map]
Address: 280 Belfast Rd, Camden, ME 04843, United States
Phone: +1 207-236-3109

Camden Hills State Park boasts display practices for visitors. Among the best places to visit in Maine, it consolidates beautiful drives, climbing, and camping out. 

Various visitors also like taking a boat courageous to the nearby islands. Sea kayak visits, windjammer visits, and fishing sanctions are unbelievable approaches to examining the nearby coast. 

Oceanside picnic districts give the best landscape to a relaxing lunch. The amusement region is open from mid-May through mid-October.

11. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is the most notable explorer complaint in Maine. You can see the value in quiet walks around the shore, taste the fish there, and hit up little stores. 

You can go searching along the shore, visit Acadia National Park, rent a visit on a boat, and do various activities. The Criterion Theater is at the point of convergence of Bar Harbor. 

There are many astounding Airbnbs in Bar Harbor that you can stay at and participate in the immaculate town close by connecting Acadia National Park.

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12. Rockland

Rockland is renowned among the best places to visit in Maine. It is known for its lobster-getting industry. 

The coastline town brings extraordinary compositional sights and heavenly fish ready to the table to its visitors. 

On the occasion that you’re enthusiastic about looking further into Rockland’s arrangement of encounters, don’t mess up the valuable chance to visit The Maine Lighthouse Museum.

13. Bay of Fundy

Strait of Fundy is a famous explorer area with surprising pleasant greatness and extraordinary natural components. 

The truth makes it notable that the Bay of Fundy can withdraw up to 55 feet at seasons. 

Nearby individuals and travelers visit this spot to encounter its thick woods, lovely islands, and open parks. 

Water experience darlings like to focus on kayaking and a couple of other water sports.

14. Casco Bay

Best Places to Visit in Maine
[See Map]

Pictures of Maine most often bring scenes from Casco Bay, where Portland and a gathering of excellent resident islands call home. 

Casco Bay is a great place whether you’re island ricocheting on ships, surfing, kayaking, or cooking close to the sea at your first lobster heat. 

Pleasure seekers from Portland ordinarily head to Peaks Island, which makes for a silliness bike ride, or to Bailey Island, which has maybe the prettiest harbor in the state.


There isn’t one answer for the best time to visit Maine. 

Every voyager is remarkable, and each season offers many activities and places to visit in Maine to finish off your timetable.

For example, beachgoers and floating enthusiasts will have the best time all through the mid-year, while the colder season is the most obvious opportunity to visit Maine you’re looking for spots to ski in New England. 

Additionally, there are a couple of show corridors to find out for Maine’s arrangement of encounters, see American Art, and that is only the start. 

The best method for picking when to visit Maine is by first pondering what kinds of activities you want to do during your trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to visit in Maine?

Acadia National Park is the best spot to visit in Maine. The entertainment region is 160 miles from Portland, Maine, and 50 miles from Bangor, Maine. The magnificent stretch of the shore as Acadia National Park includes a colossal inland area of lakes, streams, and forest areas. It gives a wilderness rec center to neighborhood individuals and visitors who participate outside.

What is the number 1 attraction in Maine?

Maine coastlines are the # 1 interest, yet there is another thing to do. Visit Maine farms and recorded parks, Maine brew visits, and wineries chronicled focuses like Portland Museum of Art, the Wyeth variety at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, and the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

What is the best month to visit Maine?

The best time to visit Maine is between June and August for ideal atmospheric conditions. Accepting that you’re hoping to avoid the gatherings and participate in a more laid-back event, the best time to visit Maine is all through the spring or fall.

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