20 Cool Lakes in Tennessee For a Well-Earned Vacation

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Tennessee is filled with attractions and has history, nature, and culture. 

Tennessee has many natural and artificial scenes that make it a famous state and a well-known objective. 

Many beautiful lakes in Tennessee offer you outside and water exercises and houses that you can remain in when you choose to visit these delightful waterways.

Tennessee has a sum of 1,393 lakes. 

It is home to public parks, estates, picturesque paths, and flourishing urban communities, making it one of the best ten vacation destinations in the country. 

An excursion to these lakes makes all your days good, keeping you refreshed without limit.

Description of 20 Unique Lakes in Tennessee

The lakes in Tennessee are an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you intend to visit the state. Here are some of them found in words for you.

1. Lake Cherokee 

Lake Cherokee is known for the Native American clan that previously occupied the region. 

A dam built in the 1940s can be in this lake. 

Along with its shores are camping areas, marinas, resorts, parks, outing regions, jungle gyms, and cleared trails. 

There is likewise a swimming ocean side if you need to swim. 

Other famous exercises incorporate lake fishing and bird watching.

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2. Lake Watauga 

Lake Watauga is a reservoir that worked during the twentieth century. 

The lakeside offices permit you to appreciate exercises with family or companions. 

Lake fishing is accessible at the Rat Branch Boat Launch, Sink Mountain Boat Launch, and Little Milligan Boat Launch. 

Lake Watauga is one of those lakes in Tennessee that offers climbing, sports shooting, and other potential exercises nearby. 

You can camp and cookout at Cardens Bluff Campground and Watauga Point Picnic Area.

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3. Radnor Lake

Radnor is home to a wide assortment of wildlife and flora. Wildflowers and birds are here. 

Exercises you can do here incorporate natural life watching, wildflower strolls, running, and trekking. 

Bird watching is best here in winter when the birds are moving. 

Radnor Lake State Park additionally offers trails and ecological instruction programs. This lake is named region level II.

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4. Lake Norris 

Lake Norris is in five provinces in eastern Tennessee and was created by the damming of the Clinch River. 

The lake is situated in the Great Valley of East Tennessee, encompassed by slopes, shakes, and woodlands. 

There are many marinas around the 1,302 km of coastline of the lake. 

Water skiing, drifting, swimming, and fishing are famous exercises at Lake Norris. 

Norris Dam State Park surrounds the lake and is home to lodges, camping areas, and an entertainment community. 

It houses the social complex of the Lenoir Museum.

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5. Dale Hollow Lake

Dale Hollow Lake is in three Tennessee provinces in the northern piece of the state. 

The lake was built to control flooding, but today it is utilized for sporting purposes and is considered among the most visited lakes in Tennessee. 

Water skiing and tubing are enormously famous exercises at Dale Hollow Reservoir, as is fishing. 

Geiger Island is situated in a lake and famous throughout the spring for a long time for exploring nature. 

There are day camps around the repository and a marina that offers boat keeping, boat rentals, and lodge rentals.

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6. Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake is a reservoir situated around 10 miles east of Nashville. 

The repository is a well-known diversion spot with three campgrounds, 11 excursion regions, 12 sending-off locales, and eight marinas. 

The Tennessee Boat Club, Vanderbilt Sailing Club, Percy Priest Yacht Club, Nashville Rowing Club, and Vanderbilt Rowing Club are in Percy Priest Lake. 

Swimming, water skiing, fishing, and drifting are famous exercises with guests to the lake. 

Over 5,000,000 individuals visit Percy Priest Lake every year. 

It is most active throughout the late spring months when it has 5,700 hectares of water.

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7. Boone Lake

Boone Lake is among the beautiful lakes in Tennessee for families known for its exercises. 

These incorporate swimming, water skiing, and fishing. 

There are boat inclines that work with guest access and the marina around the 18 square kilometer lake. 

Sportfishing is the zenith movement at Lake Boone, with fish, for example, windbag bass, smallmouth bass, dark bass, and striped bass. 

There are likewise carp and catfish in the lake. 

The lake traverses two districts in northeastern Tennessee. 

It was by the damming of the South Fork Holston River, with water levels fluctuating all year.

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8. Reelfoot Lake

There are many lakes in Tennessee, but Reelfoot Lake is the only natural lake. 

The lake is famous for the magnificence of the encompassing marshes and woodlands. 

Bald eagles are known to possess the region, so watch out for the skies while visiting. 

Popular interests include water skiing, setting up camp, climbing, water accelerating, swimming, and kayaking. 

Fishing here is likewise very fulfilling, with chatterbox bass, ocean bream, and catfish being the most famous toppings.

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9. Chickamauga Lake

Chickamauga Lake is tranquil and is among wonderful lakes in Tennessee that are great for a lakeside escape. 

It is ideal for fishing with many largemouth bass, a small bass, and striped bass. 

Assuming you appreciate climbing, mountain trekking, picnicking, playing golf, or setting up camp, Harrison Bay State Park and Booker T. 

Washington State Park to its south side convey.

10. Pickwick Lake

If you’re arranging an outing toward the West Tennessee region, stop at Pickwick Lane. 

The lake is renowned for its colossal catfish and little mouth bass. If you’ve had any desire to take a stab at fishing, this is the spot to make it happen. 

There are additionally waterslides, stream skis, and sailing. Swimming is in assigned regions, yet remembers that there are no lifeguards. 

The area around the lake is for amusement, with fairways, lodgings, cafés, cookout structures, and a few campgrounds.

11. Douglas Lake

Douglas Lake partakes in a charming area close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

The beguiling retreat town of Baneberry is found close by, making it among the incredibly famous lakes in Tennessee for vacationers. 

Although almost 2 million travelers rush to the lake every year, you won’t ever feel like you’re shaking one another. 

The view is shocking, while the sporting open doors are endless. 

It’s additionally well known for picnics, setting up camp, birdwatching, sailing, and swimming.

12. Nickajack Lake

The lake made by the Nickajack Dam project borders Hamilton and Marion districts. 

It extends from Nickajack to the Chickamauga Dam, going through the city of Chattanooga. 

The beauty that encompasses this spot, and the different exercises presented here make it a hotel objective. 

Eagles, ducks, geese, and American cuckoos are in the area. 

Extraordinary bass, striped bass, a little bass, bass, blue catfish, and Bluegill fish are a portion of the numerous species viewed as here.

13. Old Hickory Lake

Old Hickory Lake is a repository in north focal Tennessee, made principally by the Old Hickory Lock and Dam in 1952. 

It is on the Tennessee River known as the Cumberland River. The repository is 136 meters above ocean level, about 40 kilometers from the Tennessee capital. 

Eight public marinas exist on old Lake Hickory, 41 open by boat, and two camping areas for guests. 

It is home to many types of creatures of amphibians and birds and is considered one of the best lakes in Tennessee.

14. Watts Bar Lake

Tennessee’s most excellent lakes incorporate Watts Bar Lake along the Clinch River. 

This supply is situated among Chattanooga and Knoxville and is perhaps the biggest lake in Tennessee. 

The lake is home to various birds, making it a spot for birdwatching. 

Many parks and campgrounds, marinas, camping areas, and rental lodges are on the 16,000-hectare lake. 

There are boat rentals, barges, and fishing boats for an extraordinary time frame close to the lake.

15. Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake is one of the country’s best lakes for sport fishing, whether you’re searching for crappie, bass, bluegill, or catfish. 

Lake Kentucky likewise offers incredible drifting, including plane skis, ski boats, and sporting boats. 

Sail the lakes or lease an indoor boat for an engaging outing. Lake Kentucky covers an area of ​​160,300 sections of land. 

Lake Kentucky has the land of the floodplain and it is among the most loved lakes in Tennessee. 

It gives hydroelectric power and goes about as a sporting fascination in western Kentucky and Tennessee, one of the state’s lakes between the National Lakes Recreation Area.

16. Centre Hill Lake

Centre Hill Lake is a supplier in Tennessee. The lake fills two needs: power age and flood insurance. 

Focus Hill Lake is a most loved fishing region, yet it likewise offers a large group of other sporting open doors. 

The supply has a profundity of 58 meters at its most profound point. 

Today it stays a significant flood-controlling lake in the district. 

It likewise offers a perspective on the slopes of Tennessee and, in this way, becomes famous among the best lakes in Tennessee.

17. Barkley Lake

Lake Barkley is on the east side of Lake Kentucky. A piece of the lower some portion of the lake is in Tennessee. 

There is a waterway interfacing the two bodies of water. Lake Barkley has more than 134 miles of coastline for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and picnicking. 

The area is calm, and the family is well disposed of. Most travelers stay on the riverside close to Camden and Waverly. 

Climb Fort Henry Trail Head or bring your kayak and set up at the Gatlin Point Lake access region.

18. Cheatham Lake

Cheatham Lake is 65.7 miles long and has a shore of 320 miles. It streams from the dam through Nashville to the Old Hickory Dam and the City of Ashland. 

Around 2,000,000 guests come to fish and play on Lake Cheatham every year. 

Water sports are famous, including cruising, kayaking, water skiing, and tubing. 

People come to the lake to get windbag bass, seahorses, catfish, and white bass.

 Inshore fishing is accessible downstream of the Percy Priest and Old Hickory dams and on open boat dispatches.

 Cheatham Dam Right Bank Recreation Area has an extravagant swimming ocean side and is among the top lakes in Tennessee.

19. Cordell Hull Lake

Cordell Hull Lake offers fishing, and regardless of the season you fish, you track down a guardian. 

Lake Cordell Hull invites families who need to enjoy the delightful view that encompasses the upper ranges of the Cumberland River where the lake is found. 

The lake is wealthy in bluefish, catfish, and ocean bass lasting through the year, and these species are particularly plentiful beneath the dam. 

After the groups return in the mid-year and the skies become dark, Lake Cordell Hull is transforming into perhaps one of the best lakes in Tennessee for sauger fishing in the country.

20. Fort Loudoun Lake

Fort Loudoun Lake is appealing. 

Fishing is one of the primary attractions here. 

You will observe animal groups swimming in these waters, including bass, crappie, walleye, sauger, and exceptional catfish. 

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency stocks lake sturgeon into the river that flows into Lake Fort Loudoun. 

Lake Fort Loudoun is a lovely spot to go through the day. 

Look out for bald eagles – they are likewise known to fish these waters. 

Epic bird watching can be delighted inside the state park, climbing, setting up camp, and investigating the Old Fort.


Guests rush to Tennessee for all-year open-air experiences. Winters are adequately cold to support a couple of ski resorts in the mountains. 

Summers are not so sweltering and sticky as in the Deep South, and spring and fall are divine. The pools of Tennessee deal the absolute best fishing you’ll find in the United States. 

They likewise have a lot of sporting facilities for all the water sports, setting up camp, and lakeside exercises on your rundown. 

Tennessee’s lakes have various marinas, send-off destinations, and innumerable get-away and boat rental open doors. Get out and partake in the pools of Tennessee. You could even break the record for loudmouth bass.

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