17 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Arkansas

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Arkansas, generally called The Natural State, is spilling over with many outdoors attractions wherein visitors can take an interest, in actuality, in stuffed endeavors.

Arkansas is home to both the Ozark and Ouachita mountain ranges, with many breathtaking scenes on the show. 

It parades magnificent scenes and customary wonders, with streams roaring past unpleasant outcrops and astounding state parks.

Ziplining, mountain journeying, hiking, swimming, scuba hopping, bridge walking, and cave researching, to say the least, will be a part of the things that you will enjoy on your trip to Arkansas.

If you’re looking to become one with nature while getting a charge out of bunches of outside air works out, The Natural State is the spot to visit.

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With such great things to do in Arkansas, you will not at any point be bored during your visit.

Past all of the brilliant things to see, Arkansas also has many certain attractions and redirection that you’ll appreciate while visiting the state.

Top-notch diners, famous authentic focuses, strengthening event congregations, social experiences, and weird eccentricities are accessible for you in Arkansas.

Detail of the Top 17 Things to do in Arkansas

Check out our assistant for the best things to do in Arkansas, and plan for nature in the aggregate of its grandness.

1. Ozark National Forest

Things to do in Arkansas
[See Map]

Ozark National Forest boasts perspectives and scenes and is by and large accumulated nearby the much more humble St. Francis National Forest.

While the past remembers the most imperative mountains for the express, the last choice is one of the humblest yet most various woods.

Together, they have more than 630 kilometers of climbing trails for visitors to examine, nine swimming districts, 23 setting up camp regions, and countless pleasant drives and excursion areas.

They are home to dazzling old-advancement forests, with 600 kilometers of frothing streams and streams coursing through the thick undergrowth.

Ozark National Forest is an uncommon spot to climb or explore a bike. Swimming, fishing, and cruising can be on its brilliant streams.

Numerous people camp in the forest so they can stir to the brilliant trees and ordinary greatness.

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2. Mount Magazine State Park

Mount in Arkansas
[See Map]

Mount Magazine runs and defines the state park of comparable name with its monstrous presence.

The strong mount watches out over its ecological elements, with woodlands, slants, and the brilliant scene of the Arkansas River Valley dropping incessantly below.

Twisting about its inclinations are many climbing trails and cycle ways for visitors to examine. 

Rock climbing, rappelling, and hang drifting are the top things to do in Arkansas over here and are accessible for anybody in the higher scopes of the diversion region.

There are charming and instinctive shows of the park’s perfect nature and shielded untamed life, setting up camp regions and barbecue workplaces for guests to use.

Different shining lakes can similarly be spotted by and large, with fishing and swimming both on offer.

In light of its overflow of diversion open entryways, great scene, and noteworthy points of view, Mount Magazine State Park is an incredibly notable spot to visit.

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3. Eureka Springs

City in Arkansas
[See Map]

Visiting Eureka Springs is like wandering back in time. Its enchanting streets are a delight to research, with many striking streetscapes on show.

Laid out in 1879, it quickly transformed into a renowned lodging town given the different cold-water springs, which were to have recovering properties.

While its prime has for quite a while been and gone, the entire city has now been placed on the National Register of Historic Places to safeguard its superbly specific look and character.

Visitors can go cycling, getting over, and horseback riding in the nearby mountains and forest areas.

One of Arkansas’ top places to get away, Eureka Springs isn’t to be missed for its exceptional design and inheritance.

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4. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

[See Map]
Address: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
Phone: +1 479-418-5700

This first-rate art verifiable focus could fit in a huge metropolitan city.

It is between two ponds in Bentonville, Arkansas, near the natural spring.

The mission is to notice Americana in a setting that couples art with nature.

The state-of-the-art architecture is stunning, while the typical setting inside it is marvelous and it has become among the great things to do in Arkansas.

Past the construction and setting, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art incorporates a couple of designs that house art presentations, meeting spaces, a social event entryway, and homerooms.

Inside the showcases of the authentic focus, you can see shows by famous experts on subjects like dim certainty and nature, making in America, reflected rooms, anything is possible.

5. Garvan Woodland Gardens

Botanical garden in Hot Springs, Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 550 Arkridge Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913, United States
Phone: +1 501-262-9300

Accepting at least for a moment that you’re looking for some external amusement in Arkansas, Garvan Woodland Gardens is the best spot for you.

Open regular, and for an apparent affirmation cost, you can visit the rich and flourishing grounds of the vigorous nurseries.

Prominently, the Garden intends to safeguard the setting of the Ouachita Mountains.

With nearly 20 nurseries to visit, you can make a whole day of visiting this top holiday destination.

After arriving in the Gardens, you are welcomed at the establishment’s welcome local area, an impeccable flight to the nurseries.

During your visit, you’ll participate in the greatness of the nurseries, the art of nursery plans, and reflection at several of the Gardens’ lakes.

6. Arkansas Air and Military Museum

Museum in Fayetteville, Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 4290 S School Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States
Phone: +1 479-521-4947

If your social event is looking for mind-blowing things to do in Arkansas, Arkansas Air and Military Museum is a bunch of encounters rich, top goal.

The museum’s primary objective is to safeguard and share plane and flight trinkets and memorabilia from early times.

Regardless, the verifiable focus’ grouping pays novel commendation to shows from the Arkansas area.

The Arkansas Air and Military Museum also routinely has remarkable undertakings so check out the events plan before your visit.

The show lobby’s combinations are a grand marriage of flying and military.

Accepting that these are subjects of interest for pioneers in your party, add the show lobby to your plan.

It ought to see presentation lobby is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

7. Crater of Diamonds State Park

State park in Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 209 State Park Rd, Murfreesboro, AR 71958, United States
Phone: +1 870-285-3113

The crater of Diamonds State Park is exceptional.

The cavity of Diamonds is a volcanic crater where individuals overall can search for gems and various pearls.

The 37-segment of land field can be walked and looked by foot.

Visitors can carry or rent digging equipment except for motorized mining gear.

Your visit to one of the Arkansas holiday destinations begins with a short associate on how to mine valuable stones.

Try to take a gander at Crater of Diamonds State Park; it’s maybe the spot to unwind in Arkansas.

8. Billy Bass Adoption Center

Things to do in Arkansas

Billy Bass Adoption Center is where animatronics is to sing fish.

The first of its sort, a visit to this adoption Center is one of many great things to do in Arkansas.

Though Billy Bass Adoption Center procured unmistakable quality in the last piece of the 90s and mid-2000s, the owner of the Flying Fish understood the peculiarity would wear off in a flash.

That is where she brought raising a Billy Bass remembrance park in her restaurant.

Now, visitors to Arkansas can offer their appreciation while going through the state.

The best part of visiting the Adoption Center is that you will grab a bite of authentic East Texas fish.

9. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife refuge in Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 239 Turpentine Creek Ln, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States
Phone: +1 479-253-5841

This shocking wildlife refuge has been saving charming cats for quite a while.

Essentially Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a place of refuge for abandoned or misused big cats.

Astoundingly, the refuge takes in animals who need a place of refuge. They are not a zoo and don’t profit from or exploit their animals.

During your visit to the refuge, you can participate in the grandness of saved lions, tigers, and bears.

You can walk the grounds, notice feedings, and take epic photographs of the exquisite animals.

The asylum is home to nearly 100 saved animals, all of which you can take a gander at when you visit one of many prominent central places.

This stand-apart Arkansas interest is one of the various activities you should add to your plan.

10. The Gurdon Light

Things to do in Arkansas This is an amazing spot to see Moon

The Gurdon Light is a mystery arranged near the old railroad tracks in Gurdon, Arkansas.

An exceptional white-blue (others say orange) light moves around the rich trees just off Interstate 30.

Accepting for a moment that you’re up for confidentiality, one of the silliness things to do in Arkansas is Gurdon.

The peculiar light has been baffling neighborhood individuals for quite a while.

Some say it was a railroad worker’s light who passed on when he fell on the tracks. Others say it was the brilliance of an expert fight.

Anything you acknowledge, a short stop to the tracks can make for a frightening time frame outline.

You can file your excursion through accounts or photos. Nobody can say with confidence; that you could onlooker the light yourself.

11. 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

3-star Hotel in Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States
Phone: +1 855-725-5720

Sickle Hotel and Spa is perhaps the most remarkable Arkansas Attraction.

The designs of the housing and spa are vital districts, yet inside the walls are luxury, loosening up, and a stack of clowning around a search for you.

The eminent allure of the 1886 lodgings makes for a significant and pleasing stay at the hotel.

Other than the magnificent lodgings, there are diners and bars, a full-organization spa and salon, and various accommodations that will work on your visit.

Moreover, the housing has everyday activities like nursery yoga, makes, hatchet throwing, and free ascensions.

This achievement is one of the various unique spots to visit while going to AR.

12. Lake Ouachita

Reservoir in Arkansas
[See Map]

Lake Ouachita is a 40,000-segment of Land Lake that is the best spot and one of the best things to do in Arkansas to spend summers.

You can go through beautiful pre-summer days swimming, cruising, fishing, scuba plunging, kayaking, and more at Lake Ouachita.

There’s such a ton of entertaining to be had at Lake Ouachita that you will not at any point wind up thinking about what to do.

If you’re enthusiastic about excess at the lake, there are almost 100 setting up camp regions containing both hotel and tent areas.

This park has brilliant comforts like pools, open-air tables, a marina with boat/kayak rentals, and the best gift shop.

With such things to do in Arkansas, picking a goal can be problematic.

13. Buffalo River

River in Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: Arkansas, United States
Phone: +1 870-439-2502

Arkansas’ Buffalo River is the point of action and experience.

Buffalo River is a trademark mecca for stores of outdoors attractions and horseplay.

Incorporating the Buffalo River is a tip-top camping area with state-of-the-art offices.

The hotels are with wi-fi, satellite TV, hot tubs, and more.

The setting up camp regions overlook the beautiful Buffalo River, which is home to numerous external endeavors.

While visiting Buffalo River, you can swim, kayak, fish, zipline, and explore bikes.

You can book coordinated float trips, find swimming openings in little stream recesses, and take zipline journeys through the diversion region.

14. Peppersauce Ghost Town

Peppersauce Ghost Town was a mid-20th century boomtown. It’s one of the cool things to do in Arkansas for spirit hunting.

East Calico isn’t by and large terrifying as it was at whatever point significant entryways weren’t coming in.

The assortment of old family homes, corner shops, and neglected to recall free organizations add to its 20th-old town awfulness streams.

Add to that the foggy shady, and it won’t be astounding assuming a managing device utilizing an executioner comes after you in the city.

You can continually look at the unassuming local area and feel the violent flick streams.

Then you could take it up an indent by organizing disagreeable photoshoots while you’re here.

15. The Old Mill

Historical place in North Little Rock, Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 3800 Lakeshore Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72116, United States
Phone: +1 501-791-8538

The Old Mill in North Little Rock is an 1880s-style water plant inside T.R. Pugh Memorial Park.

The Old Mill is the most known for its appearance in the underlying credits of the 1940 film praiseworthy, Gone With The Wind.

Try to take as various exquisite photos as you can at The Old Mill.

Anyway, it’s not a water plant (it’s not even authentic wood!), but the points of view are still delightful.

It’s absolutely with the journey accepting you love the 1940s film.

16. Walmart Museum

Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 105 N Main St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
Phone: +1 479-273-1329

Walmart Museum is at the absolute first Walmart store, Sam Walton’s 5-10 dime store.

Walmart is one of the most well-known things to do in Arkansas and viable corporate stores.

Assuming you want to jump profoundly into its arrangement of encounters, you can take a gander at the savvy show inside their verifiable focus.

When you complete the method by looking at Walton’s 5&10, try to partake in a break inside Spark Cafe Soda Fountain.

It’s a retro soda pop wellspring with tasty frozen yogurt, drinks, and sweet treats that you’re sure to appreciate.

17. Tiny Town

Tourist attraction in Hot Springs, Arkansas
[See Map]
Address: 374 Whittington Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States
Phone: +1 501-624-4742

Tiny Town in Hot Springs is the ideal interest for the train darlings in your development pack.

When coming, the trains travel through 22 states past renowned US achievements.

The trains go through Niagara Falls, the Rockies, and Mount Rushmore.

The model town and trains are with numerous mechanical parts.

Most noticeable about this interest is that nearly everything is handmade.

The craftsmanship of every last nuance in every scene is surprising.

Each facet of the trains and the town through which they run is with impeccable art.

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