Top 15 Fun Things to Do in Bellevue | Washington

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Bellevue is a superb spot to visit. It has an overflow of uncommon stops and perfect nature spots to appreciate.

There are many things to do in Bellevue, like many significant getaway destinations and museums, and the total of its unfathomable outside works out. 

This beautiful city makes for an uncommon excursion goal or quiet week’s end escape.

This charming public space offers abundant green grass and a relentless outpouring configuration, all illustrated by the midtown skyline. Other midtown places to get away consolidate retail plazas, art museums, and a couple of decisions for neighborhood devouring.

Detail of the 15 best things to do in Bellevue

Track down additional phenomenal spots to visit with our once-over of the top attractions and the things to do in Bellevue.

1. KidsQuest Children’s Museum

Children's museum in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 1116 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-637-8100

The KidsQuest Children’s Museum is every young person’s approval from paradise. 

This family-obliging play space incorporates a two-story Atrium Climber for young people to move in, on, and around, notwithstanding eight other presentations  are expected to stimulate improvement in kids.

Areas of Interest

Focusing on science, development, planning, art, and math, the KidsQuest Children’s Museum isn’t only for sitting down in a workspace and forming on the board. 

This educational establishment contains cooperation with the different moving parts of life.

KidsQuest is unequivocally planned for adolescents ages 0-10 and features more than 650 tasks introduced every year. 

Open programming integrates day camps and whole family science studios.

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2. Bellevue Arts Museum

Museum in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-519-0770

The Bellevue Arts Museum is among the things to do in Bellevue and has an extraordinary exhibit of artworks from nearby and overall artists. 

It’s arranged among the clamoring streets of the Bellevue downtown district, two or three blocks from Downtown Park.

Areas of Interest

The museum has a couple of foundations hanging from the rooftop and across the walls. However, essentially, BAM features turning shows that show brilliant art pieces. The museum similarly gives visitors a short glance at the artistic collaboration with looks at the art making.

Autonomous visits are available Wednesday through Sunday when the BAM is open, and arranged guardians moreover offer secret visits. 

The museum has a couple of enlightening studios for youths, young people, adults, and special discussions and presentations.

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3. Bellevue Botanical Garden

Botanical garden in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 12001 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-2750

Bellevue isn’t lacking in attractions and has the most central point of view around Pacific Northwest vegetation can be found in the 53 segments of land wrapping the Bellevue Botanical Garden. 

This metropolitan show of natural greatness is on Main Street and is open every day from sunset to dawn. 

Affirmation is for each situation free.

Areas of Interest

Spots to visit Bellevue Botanical Garden integrate the further developing Rock Garden and periodic Dahlia Display. 

Nonetheless, the entire property is a show-stopper for getting done and developing. 

Garden designs ensure something new is blooming the entire year, offering a couple of inspirations to visit. 

Nearby individuals and tourists in like manner have the possible opportunity neighborhood plant species and gain capability with to some degree more about their ongoing situation.

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4. Meydenbauer Bay Park

Park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 419 98th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-6914

Meydenbauer Bay Park is a little park on the water with a little beach district and breathtaking sunset see. 

It’s within walking distance of Downtown making it a nice escape from the frenzy of the city.

Partake in the nurseries, read a book, or pass along the dock to regard the view. 

Areas of Interest

In the mid-year, you can go to the nearby REI Boathouse for endless kayak rentals. 

Whether you’re prepared to get out on the water, the laid-back nature and greatness of this pearl of a diversion region make it conceivably among the best things to do in Bellevue.

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5. Bellevue Downtown Park

City park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 10201 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-6914

The 21-segment of land in Bellevue Downtown Park gives central open space among the perpetual suburbs and continues to be a part of the Bellevue’s social class and one of the best things to do in Bellevue.

Downtown Park is a spot for an accommodating stroll around the day or an organized picnic outside. 

The entire space is a brilliantly completed indirect yard with an outpouring structure as its limit. 

Areas of Interest

A wide soil promenade circles the entertainment region near the rushing water sprinkled with a couple of seats. 

These sitting spots offer a sublime point of view of the midtown skyline.

The Inspiration Playground at the diversion region is a sight and gives interfacing with spots for kids to climb and examine the art-spurred play space. 

The entertainment region has many neighborhoods, including the yearly Fourth of July fireworks and a pre-summer series of outdoor films.

6. Bellevue Square

Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place are marvelous for many individuals. 

These shopping structures contain a monstrous district in the midtown area, overall named the Bellevue Collection.

The greatest and by and renowned of the trio is Bellevue Square.

Areas of Interest

Here you’ll find a part of shops from dress to home style to equipment. 

The Collection has different restaurants, entertainment scenes, and Bellevue’s best lodgings. 

The Bellevue Collection is one of Bellevue’s top attractions, and it’s maybe among the best things to do in Bellevue in not entirely settled to shop.

7. Bellevue Square

Shopping center in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 575 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-454-8096

Bellevue Square is the best spot to shop, eat and go out.

The saw is right near both the art museum and Downtown Park. 

Its ceaseless group of stores deals with you with magnificence care items and ruffles, high-plan pieces of clothing, diamonds, and luxury things.

Since its first opening in 1946, it has broadened hugely and amazingly has more than 200 shops and stores for visitors to analyze, with Macy’s and Nordstrum getting the retail outlet. 

Areas of Interest

Here inestimable bistros and diners present delightful dishes from one side of the planet to the next, with outside and outside devouring both being on offer.

Despite shopping, you drop and test tasty treats.

You can go bowling, stop by its film or partake in brilliant unrecorded music at one of its different bars and clubs.

8. Bellevue Zip Tour

Adventure sports in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 14509 SE Newport Way, Bellevue, WA 98006, United States
Phone: +1 206-295-5494

For an exceptional technique for exploring the ordinary side of Bellevue, the Bellevue Zip Tour takes visitors speeding among Douglas firs and broadleaf maples as they examine the scene from a higher spot. 

Areas of Interest

This city-guaranteed office includes 6.5 ziplines, going from 70 to 450 feet, and works each season except for the colder season.

Whether looking for a great time frame outline for the whole family or among the things to do in Bellevue for a social event escape, the Bellevue Zip Tour gives a speedy flying technique for seeing some Pacific Northwest nature from another perspective.

9. Lake Sammamish

While Lake Sammamish could seem like a puddle diverged from the far-spreading waters of Lake Washington westward, this stream gives huge brandishing open ways to Bellevue tenants and its related organizations. 

On the north completion of Lake Sammamish, Marymoor Park is related to the city of Redmond and gives outdoors shows over the long haul. 

Areas of Interest

A public water-skiing slalom course is similarly on the north completion of the lake.

On the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish, Vasa Park Resort gives picnic areas, boat dispatches, and an optimal spot to swim, with plunging sheets and waterslides. 

Vasa Park is a well-known spot to set up a haven or park an RV. On the southern shore, Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah offers outside encounters over the long haul.

10. Dy trip to Seattle

Things to Do in Bellevue

It’s simply a 15-minute drive across Lake Washington to the Emerald City from Bellevue or a 30-minute vehicle ride. 

Accepting for a moment that you’re visiting Bellevue and have extra time, it’s most certainly among the worth outing things to do in Bellevue to check out this social capital of the Pacific Northwest.

Areas of Interest

Between famous spots of revenue like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and more off in unforeseen course encounters like Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, Seattle warrants extended travel. 

For summer fun, the best beaches in Seattle are an uncommon spot to chill. 

Other attractions integrate the Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Museum of Flight.

11. Mercer Slough Nature Park

Park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 2101 118th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-2565

Another delightful spot where you can douse yourself in nature is the rich Mercer Slough, Nature Park. 

Maybe the park in the city spreads across a site with splendid wetlands and woods to be found close by charming streams, open meadows, and districts.

Despite lying only five minutes south of the center, the entertainment region truly shields the overabundance fix of ordinary freshwater wetlands around Lake Washington. 

Areas of Interest

Twisting around their way amidst its overcast lowlands and streams are many ways and pathways to research. 

There is similarly a water trail which you can kayak along.

Close to partaking in its spellbinding perspective and brilliant outside works out, visitors can see Mercer Slough’s paramount blueberry farm or the 1929 Mission-style estate, which houses its Visitor Center. 

To get more to know its arrangement of encounters and nature, try to visit its incredible Environmental Education Center.

12. Newcastle Beach Park

Park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 4400 Lake Washington Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-6914

If you’re expecting to sunbathe and swim in the area, Newcastle Beach Park is doubtlessly one of the most extraordinary things to do in Bellevue to head. 

Set twenty minutes’ drive south of the center, it’s sun-kissed sands and wonderful green spaces lie near the shining waters of Lake Washington.

Areas of Interest

The diversion region is a notable family objective with an expansive display of comforts, calm swimming spots, and sandy beaches. 

On the meandering aimlessly point, you can find a wilderness rec center and picnic districts, while a nature trail twists around its way amidst little pockets of luxurious woods and shrubs.

As well as lounging around and partaking as one and quiet, visitors can stretch out along its 300 feet floating dock to either fish, sunbathe or bounce into the lake’s restoring waters.

13. Experience Bellevue’s Exciting Nightlife

Things to Do in Bellevue

The city offers one of the most exceptional nightlife experiences in the state.

Travelers enjoy the setting of the Sun as the night is constantly young in Bellevue.

Wander around the city, and you’ll see something ceaselessly happening.

The climate is dynamic.

Areas of Interest

Intensity’s Place, Tavern Hall, and The Suite are two or three of the best vacation destinations around nighttime.

Pick Blueberries at Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm

The most appropriate point to go blueberry picking is early morning or at night.

You can pick your blueberries and bring them back home.

The berries are in capable hands and taste scrumptious — the best blend of loveliness and negligible brutality.

The farm is an untainted and relaxing spot.

14. Chism Beach Park

Park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 1175 96th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-6885

The Chism Beach Park is among the virgin things to do in Bellevue with fragile sand, moving waves, an outing district, and a wilderness exercise center. 

You are permitted to go all in and swim here. Lifeguards are working.

 Washrooms and restrooms are similarly open on the explanation. 

Areas of Interest

You can see the value of fishing on the dock. 

The journey locales have all of the indispensable comforts. 

You can enjoy get-togethers, weddings, and birthday parties at the picnic district. 

The specialty offers many levels of the wilderness rec center and swimming workplaces for both ages and social affairs.

15. Wilburton Hill Park

Park in Bellevue, Washington
[See Map]
Address: 12400 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States
Phone: +1 425-452-6914

To see the value in both loosening up and donning works out, you can significantly rely upon Wilburton Hill Park. 

The park is great and is among the top things to do in Bellevue. 

It covers 105.49 segments of a place that is known for land and offers stacks of augmentations for delight to the visitors that can make them enchanted. 

Areas of Interest

The prospering vegetation of this spot will make you charmed. 

The quieting presence of the ways by lakes will make you feel free beyond question. 

You can participate in practices as the diversion region has significantly stayed aware of soccer and ball fields. 

For the youngsters, there is an alternate wilderness exercise center with a zip line. 

You can similarly assemble an excursion with your companions at this spot.

Final words

Come to Bellevue for a day of ceaseless shopping, or spend it reconnecting with nature at one of the many green spaces disguised along with Lake Washington. 

Bring a date here for a lavish dinner or require an excursion from Seattle with your family for kid-obliging outings.

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