Top 12 Wonderful Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo is Egypt’s meandering aimlessly capital city, set nearby the cool Nile. As the biggest city in Africa and the sixth biggest city on the planet, Cairo has such a great amount to see and there are much more things to do in Cairo. This city is loaded with rich history, invigorating encounters, heavenly espressos, and awesome food sources.

Welcome to Cairo

Cairo is one of the world’s incredible megacities. As wonderful and as wealthy in notable delicacy as it is jumbling and an attack on your faculties to first-time guests, Cairo will overall be a city that explorers love and scorn incomparable measures. 

Past the pyramids, Cairo is a marvel all by itself. Arranged on the banks of the Nile River in an area that has been constantly possessed for millennia, it remains Egypt’s biggest city  with a metropolitan region that is home to 20 million individuals.

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Cairo is a genuine centralization of history and culture and there are so many things to do in Cairo that you will see it as soon as you set foot.

Amazing and unusual things to do in Cairo

There are such unlimited activities in Cairo that you’ll simply have the decision to cover a section on one outing. To assist with centering your visit and plan, use our rundown of the top attractions and what should be done in Cairo.

  1. See Great Collection in the Egyptian Museum

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
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Address: Wasim Hasan, Ismailia, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 2 25796948
The amazing assortment of relics shown in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum makes it one of the world’s incredible galleries. You would require a lifetime to appropriately see everything on show.

The exhibition was set up in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette and moved to its current home in the specific powder pink house in Downtown Cairo in 1897. The collection is deficiently named and not especially drawn out as a result of lines of the room.

  1. Regard Al-Azhar Mosque

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

Al-Azhar Mosque is the best construction of Cairo’s Fatimid time and one of the city’s most reliable suffering mosques, completed in AD 972.

It’s moreover one of the world’s most prepared schools Caliph El-Aziz gave it with the circumstance with school in AD 988 Today, Al-Azhar University is at this point the fundamental strict point of convergence of the Islamic world. 

From the focal patio, you get the best perspectives on the mosque’s five minarets, which cap the structure. Across the patio is the primary petition lobby, spreading over a tremendous 3,000 square meters.

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Al-Azhar Mosque is directly in the core of the Islamic Cairo locale and is simple to reach by taxi.

  1. Invest Energy Exploring Saqqara and Dahshur

Saqqara Egypt

The huge necropolis of Saqqara and the close-by site of Dahshur are home to different pyramids.

An excursion here is comparably basically as compensating as a trip to Giza’s pyramids. The destinations are approximately 30 kilometers south of Cairo.

The Step Pyramid is Saqqara’s most famous vacation spot, yet the whole region is covered with flawlessly painted burial places. 

Directly in the distance is Dahshur’s Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid, which shouldn’t be missed. Expect even the briefest agenda here to require a large portion of a day.

  1. Shop in the Maze of Khan el-Khalili

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
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Bazar in Cairo, Egypt
Khan el-Khalili is one of the world’s incredible shopping encounters. This market is a tangled assortment of thin back streets set up as a shopping region in AD 1400, which rings with the clank of metal laborers and silversmiths.

The central avenues have quite a while in the past given them over totally to the vacationer exchange, however, redirect off the primary drag into the encompassing rear entryways. 

The small stores and jumbled studios are probably one of the best things to do in Cairo to get customary items in Egypt. Here, you’ll find everything from collectibles and flawless metal lampshades to privately woven materials.

  1. Get into U Bistro & Bar

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
[See on Map]
Address: 157 26th of July Corridor, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 100 720 4094
Maybe the best thing to do in Cairo, Egypt, visits a bistro. With a wide scope of bistros all over, you will without a doubt endeavor a couple of fabulous coffees meet a couple of amazing people, also.

Cairo’s bistros might even be more well known than bars even around evening time. They’re similarly vigorous, too.

Various bistros are in much the same way as well off in history as they are in delightful treats. You can get comfortable with their past, or sit outside along the clamoring streets and watch the step-by-step rushing around.

  1. Do visit Cairo Tower

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
[See on Map]
Address: Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 2 27365112
The Cairo Tower is arranged on the island of Gezira: a land bundle that stands emphatically in the focal point of the Nile River. 

This plan is the second most huge milestone of Egypt after the Pyramids of Giza furthermore it was for quite a while the tallest zenith in all of Africa with its 187 meters.

It is feasible to go with a lift to the highest point of the pinnacle where you will observe an eatery and a pivoting porch which will provide you with the best things to do in Cairo..

  1. Stop at The Mohammed Ali Mosque

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
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Address: Al Abageyah, El Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, in any case, called the Alabaster Mosque, is soundly in the Citadel of Cairo.

This shocking mosque was charged by Muhammad Ali Pasha somewhere in the range of 1830 and 1848, working in memory of his most established child who kicked the bucket in 1816.

With its tall arches and two notable focuses, this mosque is one of the main things you’ll see when entering the city from any course. It’s one of the significant milestones of Cairo travel.

  1. See Pyramids of Giza

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
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Building complex in Egypt
Cairo’s most well-known fascination, the Pyramids of Giza, draws a great many guests consistently. As one of the first Seven Wonders of the World, these pyramids have endured for the long haul, staying unblemished for around 4,500 years.

You’ll observe three essential pyramids, the most popular being the Great Pyramid, Khafre, Khufu’s child, lies buried in the close by Pyramid of Khafre. The third design, the Pyramid of Menkaure, remains as the littlest of the Pyramids of Giza.

  1. Nile River Tours and Activitie

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
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Capital of Egypt
The Nile is the world’s longest stream.

It’s additionally the soul of Egypt, coursing through the core of the Sahara desert, and going through urban communities, including Khartoum, Aswan, Luxor, and Cairo, before purging into the Mediterranean Sea.

It is probably one of the most fantastic things too in Cairo.

  1. Appreciate Cairo from above at the Citadel

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
[See on Map]
Address: Salah Salem St, Al Abageyah, El Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 2 25121735
Perhaps the best thing to do on a Cairo visit is going to the Citadel, for two excellent reasons. First, since it’s one of the not many vehicle-free places around, and second since it’s an extraordinary spot to partake in a view over the city,

Extending the entire way to the Pyramids on the off chance that it’s a great sunny morning.

  1. Attempt to track down The Greek Club

things to do in Cairo
[See on Map]
Address: 1 Karim Al Dawla, Marouf, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 122 396 6836
We heard incredible things about Cairo’s Greek Club food is great, the environment is truly cool, the lager is served and the eatery room is one of the most exquisite around.

This club is additionally perhaps one of the best things to do in Cairo around evening time, and it was the picked home base of Cairo’s once-various Greek people group.

  1. Respect the excellence of Hanging Church

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt
[See on Map]
Address: Kom Ghorab, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Situated in the south of Cairo, the Church of Hanging or the Holy Virgin Mary of Cairo is maybe one of the lesser-known attractions. It is vital and unmissable.

The congregation is a significant stop on the vacationer schedule zeroed in on places connected to the heavenly family, which portrays the capital of Egypt.

The inside designs include Greek Orthodox symbols and thirteen support points, which individually address Christ and the twelve messengers.

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