Top 19 Ultimate Things to Do in Mississippi for everyone

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Mississippi is an alternate state stacked up with many places to get away and areas.

If you are looking for great things to do in Mississippi, you have come to the ideal area!

Mississippi is a waterfront, Southern state to the edge with wonderful nature, beguiling unassuming networks, and clamoring metropolitan regions.

You will party hard exploring these Mississippi works out. You can wander back in time, learn about music’s beginning stages, or track down a couple of excellent impossible fortunes.

Detail of the Top 19 Things to do in Mississippi

Explore the state with our manual for the top attractions and the things to do in Mississippi.

1. USS Cairo Museum at Vicksburg National Military Park

Museum in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 3201 Clay St, Vicksburg, MS 39183, United States
Phone: +1 601-636-2199

The USS Cairo, which is on display at Vicksburg National Military Park, was sunk the same year it was commissioned.

The restored transport is on display, and many recovered relics.

Areas of Interest

The Vicksburg National Military Park praises the battle that happened in this unequivocally essential town during one of the seasons of the Civil War.

The amusement region is home to Vicksburg National Cemetery, which is home to 17,000 fallen Union Soldiers and another 1,300 US military veterans who have lost their lives in conflicts from there on out.

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2. B.B. Ruler Museum and Delta Interpretive Center

Museum in Indianola, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 400 2nd St, Indianola, MS 38751, United States
Phone: +1 662-887-9539

This museum is among those things to do in Mississippi that spotlights the life and work of perhaps the most remarkable blues skilled worker ever and on the presentation of blues itself in the Mississippi Delta.

Visitors can get a blueprint of the authentic scenery of blues and B.B. Master’s significance in the display’s theater.

Areas of Interest

Shows are themed by time, first familiarizing visitors with the 1930s Delta and King’s adulthood when he was a farmer.

The resulting shows follow B.B King to Memphis, where he moved toward the “Beale Street Boy” and was put on the radio, and see his climb during the 1960s when he transformed into an image.

The verifiable focus has a gift shop that sells blues and King-related knickknacks.

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3. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Museum in Jackson, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 2148 Riverside Dr, Jackson, MS 39202, United States
Phone: +1 601-576-6000

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science offers visitors the unprecedented opportunity to learn about the typical world through organized shows and experiences.

Areas of Interest

You can examine the exhibition grounds, arranged in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park.

Inside the exhibition, visitors will find information about Mississippi’s untamed life and its various surroundings.

One of the most astonishing is the 100,000-gallon aquarium, which houses more than 200 nearby species, and a marsh domain sits inside an enormous nursery.

 Various showcases consolidate a gigantic fossil combination and a look at neighborhood white-followed deer.

4. Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway

Trace in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 2680 Natchez Trace Pkwy, Tupelo, MS 38804, United States

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a notable vacationer diversion and one of the best things to do in Mississippi for visiting, with many exercises and seeing in transit.

Areas of Interest

The most notable places for getting away are different antiquated slopes and archeological locations, lovely posts, and essential central focuses like the Tupelo and Brices Cross Roads bleeding edges.

The Parkway is an allotted bicycle course with incredible viewpoints and entryways.

5. Old Capitol Museum

Museum in Jackson, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 100 State St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States
Phone: +1 601-576-6920

Mississippi’s past state museum structure in Jackson was utilized as the State House from 1839 through 1903.

The construction is made of limestone and arranged in a commendable Greek Revival style with a copper vault and stands as a National Historic Landmark.

Areas of Interest

The construction is open to individuals and houses a free display corridor that bright lights on the public power and events that happened here, such as the checking of the Married Women’s Property Act in 1839.

Coordinated visits are available by reserving for tourists who need to get to know the construction’s turn of events, plan, and recovery.

6. Ocean Springs

City in Mississippi
[See Map]

The town of Ocean Springs is around two miles east of Biloxi and is among the interesting things to do in Mississippi.

It has transformed into a protected house for subject matter experts and craftspeople, with different craftsmanship shops and studios.

The town keeps different prominent spots of love from the last piece of the 1800s. 

Areas of Interest

Although it was essentially affected by Hurricane Katrina, Ocean Springs has made progress in re-establishing itself.

One of the town’s most famous spots is the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, which incorporates made by Walter Inglis Anderson and his two kin.

Varieties integrate oil imaginative manifestations, watercolors, drawings, prints, carvings, and ceramic creation.

7. Mississippi Petrified Forest

Museum in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 124 Forest Park Rd, Flora, MS 39071, United States
Phone: +1 601-879-8189

The Mississippi Petrified Forest is an exceptional opportunity to see the leftover pieces of what was once a tremendous forest, now gone to stone with time.

Areas of Interest

Nature trails permit visitors a valuable chance to research and see these models firsthand, while the Earth Science Museum has shows that figure out the science behind how this became.

The authentic focus also consolidates examples of the improvement of plants long-term and various kinds of fossils, including whale bones, dinosaur impressions, and a cast of the fossil of an antiquated camel.

8. Rodney Ghost Town

Things to Do in Mississippi

Rodney was once a flourishing town that almost transformed into the capital of Mississippi.

Rodney is the exemplification of a town.

This humble local area is famous for more noteworthy things to do in Mississippi.

Unfortunately, a line of events changed its predetermination, leaving an unpleasant town frozen in time.

Areas of Interest

Expecting that you’re looking for humble attractions and things found in Mississippi, you’ll esteem this unwanted town.

At the loved cost of nothing, you can voyage all around the town, and snap pictures of old places of love.

Additionally, you’ll see a couple of unconventionally dazzling designs from a previous period around here.

9. Biloxi Beach

Tourist attraction in Biloxi, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 1027-1031 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-374-3105

This seaside in Biloxi guarantees a charming trip and a piece of Vitamin Sea.

Biloxi Beach has many sandy spots where you can ingest some sun and build sandcastles.

Areas of Interest

Stroll around the beguiling seaside and spot a stack of creatures, including seagulls and pelicans.

You may go for a stream ski ride or take a gander at the young person upheld attractions near the seaside.

10. Hattiesburg Zoo

Zoo in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 107 S 17th Ave, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, United States
Phone: +1 601-545-4576

This 12-acre of land zoo in Hattiesburg is verifiably entrancing and locking in.

The zoo is genuinely unassuming than the country’s other zoological parks and perhaps among the most amazing things to do in Mississippi.

Areas of Interest

The zoo has many invigorating attractions and animal encounters to draw in the whole family.

Take a gander at the Asbury Discovery Center,  an exploratorium that permits you to participate in a close-by look at over 30 animals.

You’ll treasure their high-rope course and the 45-minute Sloth Experience visit.

11. Tishomingo State Park

State park in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 105 Co Rd 90, Tishomingo, MS 38873, United States
Phone: +1 662-438-6914

Tishomingo State Park is an enticing blend of Native American history and greatness.

According to the archeological investigations, this state park was by the Paleo Indians around 7,000 B.C.

It furthermore floods with striking wonders.

Areas of Interest

Follow the steps of the area’s Native Americans and take in its fantastic heavenliness.

You can go camping out, picnicking, climbing, fishing, and birdwatching.

There’s also a pool, landmarks, circle golf, hotels, and tent objections.

12. Visit The Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum

Museum in Tupelo, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 306 Elvis Presley Dr, Tupelo, MS 38801, United States
Phone: +1 662-841-1245

The Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum is among the great things to do in Mississippi.

Whether you love the King, history, or American culture, this is a fantastic development.

Areas of Interest

Elvis Presley was born in his parent’s home in Tupelo, Mississippi.

It is an essential, two-room house different than the Graceland home he would at last live.

Elvis dwelled in this house for several years until his people would bear its expense.

Along with the house, you can see the gathering where he became motivated by music and sorted out some way to play the guitar.

13. Photograph the Biloxi Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Biloxi, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 1050 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-374-3105

While you are in Biloxi, you need to check out the significant Biloxi Lighthouse.

This visual plan was in 1848 and stands at 65 feet.

You can move to the most elevated mark of the reference point for viewpoints on the town.

Following a seaside day, visiting this achievement is maybe the best thing to do in Biloxi, Mississippi.

14. Explore The Mississippi Blues Trail

Fun Activities to Do in Mississippi

If you are interested in music history, the Mississippi Blues Trail should top your Mississippi plan and is definitely among the best things to do in Mississippi.

Mississippi is known as the Birthplace of America’s Music. Visiting places along the way will help you with seeing the motivation behind why.

Areas of Interest

The Blues Trail has touched the state as exhibitions, beginning, and other tremendous regions.

You can visit several regions or give a journey to viewing as many as anticipated.

You will learn about how these specialists affected American music and culture.

15. Turn out to be Pitifully captivated with Rowan Oak

Home in Oxford, Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 916 Old Taylor Rd, Oxford, MS 38655, United States
Phone: +1 662-234-3284

Rowan Oak in Oxford is maybe among the best things to do in Mississippi for history or composing dears.

Areas of Interest

This Greek Revival was named The Bailey Place until maker William Faulkner got it in 1930 and renamed it Rowan Oak.

Faulkner fixed the home and dwelled here until his destruction in 1962. He formed while living here and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949.

Today, Rowan Oak goes as a presentation lobby to the creator and is overflowing with beautifications.

16. Take a gander at The Windsor Ruins

Historical place in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: Rodney Rd, Port Gibson, MS 39150, United States
Phone: +1 601-576-6952

The Windsor Ruins are maybe the most remarkable and intriguing exercises about Mississippi.

The remnants are an arrangement of sections that were once significant for a farm.

Areas of Interest

The house was from 1859 to 1861. During the Civil War, the design was for a Union facility and discernment post.

Despite the way that it stayed after the contention, it was during an 1890 party that an unattended stogie burnt the spot.

Today, you can visit the remaining parts to experience its eerieness.

It is moreover an uncommonly appealing spot accepting you like abandoned places.

It is also quite possibly the free attraction in Mississippi.

17. Become stirred up in Wall Doxey State Park

State park in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 3946 MS-7, Holly Springs, MS 38635, United States
Phone: +1 662-252-4231

If you want all the more wonderful nature during your Mississippi to move away, come to Wall Doxey State Park.

It is among the amazing things to do in Mississippi.

On the off chance that you want to stay a night or two, there are exploring nature regions and cabins.

The essential component of the diversion region is a 60-segment of land, a spring dealing with the lake.

Areas of Interest

It is a pleasant spot to swim, cruise, or fish.

There is a more than two-mile trail around the lake with viewpoints.

Youngsters will live it up by bouncing on the wilderness rec center or playing a progression of circle golf. Attempt to pack a journey as well!

There are such endless astounding exercises in Mississippi! This Southern state is overflowing with an astonishing ordinary views, rich history, and festivals.

There is truly something for everyone to see the value in whether you are going with kids or are orchestrating a sincere departure. Acquire encounters camping out or snuggle up in a beguiling, seaside house.

18. Dunn’s Falls Park

Park in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 6890 Dunns Falls Rd A, Enterprise, MS 39330, United States
Phone: +1 601-655-8550

Dunn’s Falls came to be during the 1850s.

Concealed among the unpleasant scene around the Chunky River, the stream gives a trademark wellspring of power through a working water wheel, preceding crashing seventy feet into the stream underneath.

Areas of Interest

Whether you want to participate in practices like fishing, kayaking, and swimming or fundamentally wish to see the miracle of nineteenth-century planning, this quiet achievement offers something for everyone.

19. Clark Creek Nature Area

Park in Mississippi
[See Map]
Address: 366 Ft Adams Pond Rd, Woodville, MS 39669, United States
Phone: +1 601-888-6040

Clark Creek is a paradise for all naturists, climbers, cyclists, and outside darlings.

Areas of Interest

A big part of the park is involved beech and magnolia trees. These hardwood woodlands have a piece of the United States’ most remarkable plant life, helping visitors stay away from burden.

Clark Creek Nature Area is a popular state park.


Mississippi is a Southern state with a brain-blowing history, fascinating society, and overwhelming environment. 

There are moreover lots of horseplay spots to take the youngsters.

There are eminent battle zones to acquire from, astonishing displays to examine, and clearly, nature. 

Amazing State Parks are ideal for adolescents to have fun around in, and there are fun attractions like water parks g for the entire family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mississippi worth visiting?

Mississippi offers likely wonderful and astonishing sights and places to visit. Mississippi is the beginning of the delta blues and home to some delicious food. The “Magnolia State” is stacked with history and ordinary perspectives, making it one of the top spots to move away from for couples, families, and history buffs.

Does Mississippi have beaches?

There are various magnificent beaches in Mississippi worth a visit. Expecting that you are going down south to the Gulf of Mexico and have to put some energy relaxing in the sun, then, at that point, we propose visiting a part of the Mississippi beaches!

What are some things to do in biloxi mississippi?

The top fun Things to do in Biloxi are:
1. Beau Rivage Casino
2. Beauvoir
3. Biloxi Visitors Center
4. Biloxi Beach
5. Biloxi Lighthouse
6. Biloxi Bay Bridge
7. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi
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