Top 17 Ultimate Things to do in Plano | Texas

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Plano has the attractions to help you make it happen or loosen up. Outdoorsy sorts will see the worth in the nature jam and stops that call the city home, while food lovers will consider it a ton here to appreciate.

From bowling, moving away from rooms, hopping spots and museums, and having fun with pastels, you’re sure to find things to do in Plano that your family will treasure.

Plano shows from mouth-watering Texan smokehouses and BBQ joints to captivating inheritance museums.

They reveal insider realities of the railroad and typical records of this piece of the south.

You can add a multicultural combination of cafes that advance hard Italian pizzas specialty mixes something similar, some fantastic art house films, walking trails, and top-quality shopping.

Summary of the Best 17 Things to do in Plano

Here are some top things to do in Plano during your time in the city with the family.

1. Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

Adventure park in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 5901 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Phone: +1 800-971-8271

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve are set high over the safeguarded houses on the northern edges of Plano city.

This high-energy movement park exploits the North Texan wild.

Visitors can challenge themselves by scaling the series of swinging Tarzan plants, questionable rope ladders, the taking off series of five zip lines, and other adrenaline-impelling attractions with comparably adrenaline-inducing names, like the Pirate’s Crossing and the Fisherman’s Trap.

The whole district is with areas of timberland region, streams, and journeying ways.

They make it an ideal choice to move away from the city streets of Plano.

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2. Shops at Legacy

Shopping mall in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 5741 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 469-467-9995

Plano’s head shopping district is between the roads on the edge of the North Dallas Tollway and is among the top things to do in Plano.

A legendary combination of more respectable option names and stores, family-obliging cafes, bistros, and movies, the Shops at the Legacy mall is the undisputed go-to place for a spot of retail treatment in Plano.

Visitors can expect Brooklyn + West for high plan straight out of LA, Elaine Turner for cosmopolitan and state-of-the-art pearls and pieces of clothing, Culinary Connection for custom cutlery and silverware, Oil and Vinegar for top-quality olive things – the summary goes on.

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3. Angelika Film Center & Caf̩ РPlano

Movie theater in Plano, TX
[See Map]
Address: 7205 Bishop Rd e6, Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 972-943-1375

Rarely has an independent film been extremely all over as wash as the Angelika Film Center on Plano’s Bishop Road.

Done out in a combination of 1930s class and Art Deco styles, the establishment is home to five individual films.

The assortment is acclaimed for its art house pieces and communicating of impression instigating world film, drawing in everyone from savants to families to individuals during the week and week’s end.

There’s similarly a mind-blowing restaurant and cafe inside, introducing permeating champagne and blended drinks, grilled cheddar sarnies, fantastic coffees – clearly – the inescapable holders of popcorn!

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4. Interurban Railway Museum

Museum in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 901 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Phone: +1 972-941-2117

The curious wilderness-style working of Plano Station, the previous home of the Texas Electric Railway, is one of the top heritage districts and things to do in Plano point of fact.

It was done in 1908 and is likely the best delineation of the Spanish evangelist plan. 

It’s been into the edifying Interurban Railway Museum that highlights restored carriages from the hours of the Texas Electric Railway. 

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5. Heritage Farmstead Museum

Museum in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 1900 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075, United States
Phone: +1 972-881-0140

A dwelling history museum depicting life on the Blackland Prairie in the last piece of the 1800s, the Heritage Farmstead Museum has shows like a duplicate 1895 school building and the 1892 Farrell-Wilson House. 

Costumed docents get a handle on the different products, devices, and other Victorian-time objects on display during your coordinated visit, or you can explore at your speed. 

Open Tuesday through Sunday.

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6. Crayola Experience

Amusement park in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 6121 W Park Blvd Suite A100, Plano, TX 75093, United States
Phone: +1 469-642-2901

Crayola Experience is among the loveliest family things to do in Plano for ordinary and creative play.

Youngsters can leave a strange involvement in such noteworthy experiences as highlighting their own exceptional concealing pages, naming and wrapping their own Crayola shaded pencil, and sorting out how pastels are in a live gathering show. 

With 22 dynamic attractions, you can spend as many as four hours here.

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Things to do in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 6205 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 972-781-2695

Pound down specific pins at PINSTACK, North Texas’ most significant bowling and dynamic entertainment objective. 

Value VIP bowling experiences, parade your point in the two-story laser name field, rise the LED-lit six-way rock climbing dividers, and play numerous shrewd games. 

Moreover, that is getting everything going! PINSTACK offers a time for everyone. 

A cook-impelled restaurant has an upscale eating experience that integrates model American food. 

A stacked bar serving makes blended drinks. That isn’t all. 

The “Bowl Bar,” arranged near the bowling ways, has 24 ales wines on draft, top-rack blended beverages, and full-organization authority coffee and gelato bars.

8. Downtown Plano Arts District

Historical landmark in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 1021 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074, United States

For best-in-class window shopping, art, or dynamic nightlife, you can end up in Downtown Plano as it is one of the best things to do in Plano. 

Stroll around the block streets disguised by exquisite noteworthy client confronting veneers, examine stores and home complex format shops, and appreciate made by skilled workers in the midtown area’s specialty presentations. 

A charming variety of restaurants and diners are nearby when you need a lift. 

You can drop by the Interurban Railway Museum for a gander at the undeniable in North Texas and visit more than twelve restored homes.

Then, get a show at the McCall Plaza, Courtyard Theater, or the Cox Building Playhouse. Check the show setting plans for the schedule and the opening shots.

9. Dallas Vintage Shop

Costume store in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 1855 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075, United States
Phone: +1 972-422-7256

Dallas Vintage Shop is a gigantic retail outlet of everything from multi-concealed umbrella dresses to striking sprinkle tones, rich 1920s suits and pretentious underpants, retro underskirts, formal caps, and smoking coats.

This meandering aimlessly shop close to the Plano downtown has it. Explorers should save a few hours for the monstrous slopes. The perpetual stock of second-hand and custom treats on offer.

There are extra things to investigate, from incredible pocket watches to ties and satchels. Welcome to the dress.

10. Legacy West

Shopping center in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 5908 Headquarters Dr, Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 469-609-1500

You will not want to miss among the best things to do in Plano which is Legacy West. 

Opened in June 2017, this “city inside a city” is the greatest mixed utilize objective in North Texas and the best spot to play, shop, feast, and remain. 

The 255-segment of land improvement boasts 415,000 remarkable square feet outside retail and bistro space. 

Satisfy each craving, whether for steak or a standard milkshake, French bistro charge, an optimal plate of pasta, or a red velvet cupcake. 

You can look for all from style to merchandise to magnificence care items and even vehicles.

11. Lockhart Smokehouse

Barbecue restaurant in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 1026 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Phone: +1 972-516-8900

With two regions – one in midtown Dallas and one in central Plano – the Lockhart Smokehouse is the go-to to put truly, legitimate, flavor-squeezed Texan barbecue meats in the city.

With a casual, laid-back feel, the purposes counter assistance and sell their heavenly meats by the half pound, allowing clients to test a slight bit of the slices before they go ahead and purchase.

The meats range from the extraordinary lean Shoulder Clod to the excellent Texan brisket, spilling over with the drowsy cooked sharpness and smokiness that is spread the word about the Dallas kitchen so well across the globe.

There’s also an on-the-spot bar, with all-American blend names and happy hours reliably.

12. Southfork Ranch

Things to do in Plano
[See Map]
Address: 3700 Hogge Dr, Parker, TX 75002, United States
Phone: +1 972-442-7800

The lovely setting that the Ewings’ called home on the main TV series Dallas from 1978 to 1991 is beguiling after so lengthy. 

I adhered to the TV, watching the show reliably with my friends and family. 

The series is no more, yet Southfork Ranch remains as a fiddle. 

It offers home journeys through the essential house, trail rides, and horseback riding delineations. 

There’s a museum that depicts the TV show with recreated scenes, photos of a large number of performers, and various memorabilia. 

You’ll enter through the place before scrambling toward the museum and the way rides. 

The gift shop isn’t your visitor’s local shop; it’s anywhere close to essentially as wide as a corporate store.

It is among the best things to do in Plano and offers clothing, memorabilia, gifts, monogrammed stock, etc.

13. Oak Point Park And Nature Preserve

Park in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 5901 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Phone: +1 972-941-7250

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve has generally been undisturbed by man and is the best spot for visitors to see the value in nature, untamed life watching, and neighborhood plants. 

The amusement region gives 3.5-miles of significant ways and 5 miles of fragile ways along Rowlett Creek. 

I prescribe an early morning move to get the first light. 

You can bring your kayak, kayak, or paddleboard to see the value out on the lake.

14. Legacy Food Hall

Food court in Plano, TX
[See Map]
Address: 7800 Windrose Ave., Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 972-846-4255

Legacy Food Hall is a food court and among the interesting things to do in Plano with 20 restaurants open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

What a superb spot to grab a supper if you have picky eaters in your pack. 

From brisket to tacos to sushi is just a glimpse of something larger. 

Everyone meets at an excursion-style table in the yard for the family association.

 After your supper, grab a treat in a comparable locale! Look for unrecorded music at the finishes of the week.

15. Boardwalk Granite Park

Best Restaurant in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 5880 TX-121, Plano, TX 75024, United States

For an incredible diner line with indoor seating with cooling, indoor-outdoors seating with fans, and outside seating with a waterfront view, go to The Boardwalk Granite Park. 

Likewise, there’s a ton of youth obliging food and games to play for the whole family, such as cornhole. 

The Boardwalk is a line of eateries to suit everyone’s feeling of taste. 

We savored the experience of two plunk-down dinners there. 

I told my grandson he could have the pick where he expected to eat. He picked Fork&Fire, where he had a “grown-up” supper of shrimp and scallops. 

The next night, we ate at The Union Bear. He mentioned tremendous support of uniquely designed mac and cheddar, and I ate up the thing was left the next day. 

The food at the two spots was so perfect that we would return there to eat.

16. Hilton Granite Park

4-star hotel in Plano
[See Map]
Address: 5805 Granite Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024, United States
Phone: +1 469-353-5000

If you come to Plano for the north of a day, you are back from it when you stay at the Hilton Plano Granite Park.

The Boardwalk is back from the housing, and the Legacy West retail outlet is minutes away. 

It is where we stayed for the week’s end and savored the experience of swimming in the pool and holding up in the hotel lobby during edge time. 

We participated in a splendid breakfast at the Carso diner inside the hotel, but we scrambled toward The Boardwalk while the night moved around. 

Furthermore, best of all, following a ton of time fun in Plano, you don’t have to meander far for dinner — you incorporate lots of choices inside progress.

17. Bob Woodruff Park

City park in Plano, Texas
[See Map]
Address: 2601 San Gabriel Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States
Phone: +1 972-941-7250

The Bob Woodruff Park is among those things to do in Plano, which approaches just a single section of the City of Plano trails structure. 

It twists through the metropolitan district introduction and takes a gander at vegetation and officer administration, close by a relationship with the  Santa Fe Trail and the Oak Point Reserve.

The walking course passes pretty lakes and encompasses docks for fly fishing, running tracks, open yards, and outing spots, close by two individual designs that are notable with neighborhood events facilitators.

Besides, there’s a phenomenal wilderness rec center, complete with climbing frames, swings, slides, and an abundance more!


Plano, Texas, is a tremendous, upscale provincial district where the individual fulfillment is perfect, schools are high, and it is the best spot to dwell in Texas. 

This city ensures visitors an overflow of tomfoolery activities and attractions that will satisfy the whole family. 

It displays an alternate food scene, lots of shopping, and family fun all over.

More humble metropolitan networks have an appeal about them you won’t find in their greater accomplices. Record all the things to see and do in Plano before you travel. 

You can make the most of your break. You’ll see that more prominent isn’t better constantly.

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