17 Top-Rated Things to do in Tallahassee | (Florida)

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Tallahassee is an unprecedented spot if you are looking for a bit of everything in one place.

Tallahassee is a little city with a significant history. 

History is on a show right midtown around the regulative corridor structures, while a prospering arts and culture scene is emerging at the Railroad Square Art District.

You will find a development just for you with various fun things to do in Tallahassee. It is an objective that gives variety.

You can move beyond as far as possible to find state parks and regular life havens.

Rundown of the 17 Best Things to do in Tallahassee

If you are looking for the most things to do in Tallahassee, here are our top picks for anyone visiting this city!

1. Take a gander at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum

Museum in Florida
[See Map]
Address: 6800 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32308, United States
Phone: +1 850-942-0137

Tallahassee Automobile Museum is one of the city’s top places for getting away.

This close-by achievement has been in visitors since 1996 when DeVoe Moore started with just 15 vehicles.

On display is a piece of the more stand-out vehicles made, recalling a phenomenal section for the batman vehicles.

Areas of Interest

You’ll find two Batmobiles: one was in the blockbuster film Batman Returns and the other in Batman Forever.

The museum furthermore has duplicates of various strategies for transport from the primary series.

Make sure to see the Bat-Boat and the Duck Vehicle used by the malignant Penguin.

Some people find other captivating things to see at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum.

Various varieties on display integrate boats, boat motors, Case edges, fishing snares, and mini-computers.

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2. Visit Knott House Museum

Museum in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 301 E Park Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32301, United States
Phone: +1 850-922-2459

Knott House Museum is among the top things to do in Tallahassee generally known as where Brig.

General Edward McCook would proclaim the Emancipation Proclamation.

That was in 1865, and the home has been a concise headquarters for the Union for quite a while.

Areas of Interest

It is now a museum that retells the home’s enamoring story, starting with George Proctor, the Emancipation, and the series of captivating characters that called the Knott House home before very long.

The Knott House Museum is with period furniture.

You can obtain further information by joining a coordinated visit.

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3. Experience The Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Historical place museum in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 1600 Miccosukee Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308, United States
Phone: +1 850-877-4202

For those excited about what life used to be like, the Goodwood Museum and Gardens offers the best comprehension.

This fabulous house returns 180 years, but it is still incredibly stayed aware.

Areas of Interest

You can walk around this stunning old house and gardens to encounter the past.

In case you’re not fascinated by the evident worth of the spot, the sheer greatness of the completed grounds is worth visiting.

4. Lower Yourself in Nature at the Tallahassee Museum

Things to do in Tallahassee

The Tallahassee Museum isn’t your ordinary museum but is one of the best things to do in Tallahassee.

It has zip lines, nature trails, and animal showcases.

It is between an endeavor park, zoo, and ordinary museum.

Areas of Interest

This game plan of exercises makes it an ideal goal for the whole family.

Notwithstanding where you or your group’s benefits lie, the Tallahassee Museum has something for everyone.

Those roused by animals should accept the raised trails past 18 novel animals.

History buffs will find the structures valuable spots to wander through, including a gathering, school building, back, and a bequest home.

5. Appreciate by Museum of Florida History

Museum in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 500 S Bronough St, Tallahassee, FL 32399, United States
Phone: +1 850-245-6400

The Museum of Florida History is a prerequisite for those expecting to grow their understanding of the Sunshine State.

More than 55,000 visitors traverse the entrances consistently, expecting to train themselves and their youths.

The museum has three shows: Forever Changed: La Florida 1513-1821, Florida in the Civil War, and World War II.

Areas of Interest

The Florida History Museum has a standard rundown of journeying introductions as part of the TREX program.

After you’ve visited the attractions arranged at the Capitol Complex locale, you accomplish a visit to the museum.

Depend on a five-minute downhill walk. Insistence is free, with gifts appreciated.

6. Ingest history at the Florida Historic Capitol Museum

History museum in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 400 S Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32399, United States
Phone: +1 850-487-1902

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum is conveniently recognized by its image name white-and red-striped overhangs, giving a welcome disguise from the broiling Florida sun.

The museum is among the best things to do in Tallahassee housed in the past state regulative corridor manufacturing first verifiable 1845 and reached out through the long haul.

The set of experiences and design of the construction is almost as charming as the grandstands inside.

Areas of Interest

The stunning rotunda locale returns you to an earlier time when horses and carriages were more ordinary in the front section than vehicles.

The museum shows are of the political history, from its laying out straightforwardly through to now.

Wander through the 21 rooms of shows, including photographs and sound and visual exhibits close by memorabilia.

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum has over 250 things in its variety.

A couple of critical rooms have been to their 1902 brightness.

These consolidate the imperative parts of a functioning part leads framework and integrate the Governor’s office and chambers, the Supreme Court, Senate, and House of Representatives.

7. Research the Historic Downtown

Things to do in Tallahassee

Perhaps the most unmissable thing to do in Tallahassee should research the significant midtown district by strolling.

It is the veritable heart and soul of the city – and there are various places of interest and tourist spots within reach of each other.

Areas of Interest

A particular area of interest here is an uninformed tradition of the city.

If you’re expecting to get to know the historical backdrop of the area, a midtown walking visit can expand your understanding.

You will get to see a piece of the more striking designs, figures, and milestones around the city – leaving you feeling at the next level.

8. Regard Lake Ella at the Fred Drake Park

Lake Ella is a 12-part land eminence and is among the cool things to do in Tallahassee.

Neighborhood individuals love this lake in light of its generally expected quality and its critical work in preventing floods in the city.

Areas of Interest

You could observe that Tallahassee nearby individuals are incredibly happy for this lake – something that has transformed into an infamous part of the city.

Lake Ella is found in the Fred Drake Park and offers the best break from city life.

Visit for a run, an excursion, or essentially a necessary boost under the trees – affecting speed.

It is one of the most amazing Tallahassee practices for those that reverence the outside also.

9. See Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

The freshwater at Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park is clear in specific parts that you can see roughly 100 feet underneath you.

On dry land, you’ll find a ton of wild turkeys, white-followed deer, and American crocs that call the entertainment region home.

Areas of Interest

There’s a great deal to see, do and experience at this 6,000-segment of land untamed life place of refuge, as seen from three nature trails or while researching the wild like streams.

Past adventurers proposed the boat visit forewarned that it simply runs irregularly in a suitable environment and water conditions.

Visitors said bathing suits and bug sprinkles are an unquestionable necessity.

The water is undeniably appropriate for swimming disregarding its fresh, 70-degree temperature.

10. Partake in the Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park

State park in Florida
[See Map]
Address: 3540 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32309, United States
Phone: +1 850-487-4556

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is of extraordinary and superb interest.

The expansive park is a part of the Killearn Plantation Archeological Historic District and is considered among the top fun things to do in Tallahassee.

It’s your thing of beauty and wonderful expert flowerbed experience. In any case, past the growing blooms lies practically 20 designs.

Areas of Interest

The entertainment region is around two centuries old and is with azaleas, magnolias, and camellias.

You can climb, cycle, or horseback ride in various ways. Drop by the Alfred B. Maclay home or even set out on a kayak to explore the entertainment region’s lake.

11. Witness Nature at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

It is one of the most settled regular life shelters in the United States.

This 68000-part of land district offers pure, untainted wonderfulness.

Areas of Interest

The untamed life cover is one of the most extraordinary spots to go during a time around Tallahassee.

You can see the value in the flawless scene and spot a piece of the close-by regular life that the district is so eminent. 

In case you love nature, this is a verifiable need!

12. Visit Mission San Luis de Apalachee

History museum in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 2100 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL 32304, United States
Phone: +1 850-245-6406

It reproduced the Spanish Franciscan mission gives wayfarers and investigates what life looked like during the seventeenth 100 years.

Visitors can take free journeys through the site’s 60 segments of land, exploring the familial board of trustees’ house, church, and nearby areas of the Spanish trailblazers and Apalachee Indians.

Visitors have the possible opportunity to see the enormous number of artifacts unearthed from the earliest starting point during the 1980s.

Areas of Interest

Continuous voyagers said visiting Mission San Luis de Apalachee needs a step back.

They moreover proposed visiting on a week’s end with the objective that you can settle on an official drove visit through the workplaces since mission staff are capable and all around arranged.

The mission welcomes pets and has a couple of outside tables on the property for visitors to see the value in chomps and lunch.

13. Enjoy the Railroad Square Art Park

Tourist attraction in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 661-2 Railroad Sq, Tallahassee, FL 32310, United States
Phone: +1 850-224-1308

Railroad Square Art District is among those things to do in Tallahassee that fill in as an art and redirection focus in midtown Tallahassee.

The locale’s striking commitments consolidate thrift stores.

Art shows sandwiched between associations like a pinball arcade, an indoor stone climbing exercise focus, and a specialty kayak shop.

Not to go regarding different particular decisions for food and drinks.

Areas of Interest

Past travelers prescribe requiring two or three hours to stroll around the various shops, ensuring that Railroad Square Art Park offers something for everyone, paying little psyche to advance in age or interests.

Dull Dog Cafe obtains recognition from various past visitors for its interested air and delightful heated merchandise and coffee.

Many agree that the best to visit this district is the essential Friday of the month.

14. Keep cool at Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological State Park

State park in Florida
[See Map]
Address: 3600 Indian Mound Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303, United States
Phone: +1 850-922-6007

The Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological State Park sits on the southern shoreline of the significant Lake Jackson.

Areas of Interest

The entertainment region is considered a place of colossal archeological significance close by, and the Lake Jackson Mounds are made sure to date from 1050 to 1500 AD.

Two slopes can be visited here and are on the U.S National Register of Historic Places.

You can similarly visit the diversion region and value walking trails that will take you through the Florida scene.

15. Explore Lake Talquin State Forest

State park in Florida
[See Map]
Address: Tallahassee, FL 32304, United States
Phone: +1 850-681-5950

The Lake Talquin State Forest stretches over an extraordinary 17,000 segments of a place known for land.

If you love nature, this is among the things to do in Tallahassee to come.

Areas of Interest

The diversion region has endless attractions, which integrate things, for instance, climbing, horseback riding, and traveling.

You could camp in the forest if you want to stay longer here.

Numerous people come here for a catamount, deer, wild turkeys, maples, and oak trees.

16. Have a look at the Challenger Learning Center

Movie theater in Tallahassee, Florida
[See Map]
Address: 200 S Duval St, Tallahassee, FL 32301, United States
Phone: +1 850-645-7827

The Challenger Learning Center is part of the Florida A&M University and reaches 32,000 square feet of science-related space.

The workplace is on development, planning, and science, and there is an IMAX theater here that shows films in 3D.

Areas of Interest

You will find other empowering components like a Space Mission Simulator and a theater and planetarium.

Countless showcases and displays are hands-on so children can learn about science in silliness and empowering way.

17. Admire by St. Marks Lighthouse

Light station in Florida
[See Map]
Address: St Marks, FL, United States
Phone: +1 850-925-6121

St. Marks Lighthouse sits on the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and dates from 1831, suggesting that this is the second most prepared in the region of Florida.

The signal is on the U. S National Register of Historic Places.

Areas of Interest

It is among the best things to do in Tallahassee famous for a comparative spot starting around 1842 despite wars, crumbling, and hurricanes.

Euphorically, you can now visit the guide and sort out how this shocking milestone has safeguarded boats close by all through the long haul.

Final Thoughts

Tallahassee is circled by presumably the most extraordinary external attractions. You could have a shocking outdoor event while visiting this region with loads of streams, stops, and holds.

It’s an easygoing spot to visit with parts to see and do whether you end up here on business or delight.

The agreement between nature, culture, and history causes Tallahassee an objective that will connect with various pilgrims and families.

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