18 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Maryland

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The little area of Maryland folds over the massive Chesapeake Bay, which almost detaches it into two halves.

In Maryland, you can lower yourself in the state’s extraordinary scene and outside practices preceding visiting its museums and essential regions.

From the Eastern Shore to the suburbs of Washington, D.C., there are many stunning places to visit in Maryland.

The Appalachian Mountains cross in the west, and state parks protect fountains, lakes, and many walking and getting over trails.

Interesting factors about Maryland

The locations of Maryland range from the open to metropolitan networks, mountains, and beaches, which is significant for such a state. 

So ponder taking a voyage all over Maryland to visit its surprising towns and ordinary locales for your next outing. 

Besides, when you start organizing your Maryland experience, add these ideal places to get away to your timetable!

Summary of the 18 Best Places to visit in Maryland

Here is a manual for the Top 18 unique places to visit in Maryland that will give you the best out of your journey; See if you can cover everything in one trip.

1. Annapolis

Best Places to visit in Maryland
[See Map]

The state capital of Maryland has a dab of everything.

Value eating on steamed crabs at Cantler’s Riverside Inn and examine store shops on Main Street.

Reasons for Recommendation

You can visit many old buildings in the city’s area, including the Maryland State House, the nation’s most settled regulative focus structure in unending use.

As Annapolis is the cruising capital of America, ponder diving into the city’s nautical heritage by visiting either the Annapolis Maritime Museum or U.S. Sea Academy, going out on a visiting journey through the Chesapeake Bay.

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2. Ocean City

Awesome Town in Maryland
[See Map]

The town of Ocean City is nostalgic, outdated Americana and is among the top places to visit in Maryland.

Reasons for Recommendation

Here, you’ll find 10 miles of white-sand beaches, downsized fairways, go-kart tracks, and Trimper’s Rides, the world’s most settled family-guaranteed and-worked diversion mecca.

Do not leave without hitting up the 3-mile Ocean City Boardwalk for arcade games, shopping, and wind on Jolly Roger Amusement Park’s Ferris wheel.

Get a cup of Thrasher’s Fries or settle in at On the Bay Seafood for “profound” blue crab when you feel hungry.

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3. Baltimore

The largest city in the domain of Maryland, Baltimore makes for an unprecedented week’s end escape.

You can spend an entire day exploring the city’s Inner Harbor, which features first-class attractions like the National Aquarium, Port Discovery, Baltimore’s Historic Ships, and the Maryland Science Center.

Reasons for Recommendation

Visit the city’s various areas, including Fell’s Point, recorded on the National Register of Historic Districts, and Hampden with the assumption of free shops, burger joints, and muttering blended drink scene.

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4. Antietam National Battlefield

National park in Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 302 E Main St, Sharpsburg, MD 21782, United States
Phone: +1 301-432-5124

On September 17, 1862, the Confederate Army of North Virginia sought after the North curiously.

During the 12-hour Battle of Antietam, around 23,000 officers were harmed or missing, driving President Abraham Lincoln to lay out the groundwork Emancipation Proclamation.

Reasons for Recommendation

You can learn about the bloodiest battle in American military history by exploring the past tourist spots.

It is among those places to visit in Maryland that integrate the National Cemetery, Dunker Church, and Pry House Field Hospital, where Union Commander General George B. McClellan set up headquarters.

There are a couple of climbing trails through and around the battle zone and a free 8.5-mile auto visit.

5. Assateague State Park

Park in Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 6915 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Berlin, MD 21811, United States
Phone: +1 410-641-2918

Assateague State Park is on Assateague Island, a limit island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

On the east side of the island is the barren scene of the Atlantic Ocean, with a drawn-out length of seaside that is renowned in the mid-year for swimming and surfing.

On the more protected bayside of the island, park visitors value fishing and kayaking.

Reasons for Recommendation

The island maintains an extent of untamed life but is known explicitly for the wild horses that meander the edges and ruined fields.

The diversion region has set up camp regions, open-air tables, a camp store, and a lounge.

The closest town is Berlin, around eight miles away.

6. Patapsco Valley State Park

State park in Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 8020 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21043, United States
Phone: +1 410-461-5005

Patapsco Valley State Park, spreading over something like 14,000 segments of land, is among the principal places to visit in Maryland.

It is a head climbing objective commitment to more than 200 miles of trails of moving difficulties and different purposes.

Wear nice shoes, pack your necessities, and head to Patapsco Valley State Park.

Reasons for Recommendation

At this genuinely faultless state park, you can participate in a conclusive external encounter as you go getting over, horseback riding, mountain journeying, camping out, fishing, kayaking, rowing, swimming in a stream, crossing swinging platforms, playing a horseplay round of plate golf,

Expecting you are visiting with your family and children, the Hilton Area of Patapsco Valley State Park is the best spot for you.

7. Deep Creek Lake State Park

State park in Swanton, Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 898 State Park Rd, Swanton, MD 21561, United States
Phone: +1 301-387-5563

Significant Creek Lake State Park is a well-known interest for water sports and has different camping out workplaces.

While searching for the best positions to visit in Maryland to live it up, exposing your buddies doing a scope of energizing activities, this state park is a stunning decision.

Reasons for Recommendation

It has a scene featuring rising above trees, rich vegetation, a sandy shoreline, and a glimmering lake.

Visit with your colleagues as you value practices like mountain traveling, water-skiing, driving speedboats, fishing, kayaking, rowing, camping out, and swimming.

If you are anticipating a family outing or a party with mates, there are four designs you can hold early.

8. Frederick

If you love collectibles, there could be no more prominent spot to visit than the little city of Frederick.

Frederick is among the best places to visit in Maryland that holds its eminent environment, and there are a couple of exceptional traditional malls, close merchants, and experts nearby.

Reasons for Recommendation

There are loads of imperative homes that you can visit, similar to the Barbara Fritchie House.

This house is in elaborate design, and Barbara Fritchie was a known legend for strongly flying the Union flag even as General Stonewall Jackson strolled past.

Market Street is the best spot to begin antique knickknack shopping, yet the Francis Scott Key Mall is an enormous other choices.

9. Swallow Falls State Park

State park in Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 2470 Maple Glade Rd, Oakland, MD 21550, United States
Phone: +1 301-387-6938

Past Oakland is Swallow Hills, State Park.

The Youghiogheny River streams straightforwardly through the diversion region’s limits, making lots of stunning rapids and beautiful precipices.

An element of any visit to Swallow Falls State Park is the Muddy Creek Falls, a 50-foot overflow that makes a splash.

Reasons for Recommendation

A straightforward one-mile climb takes you to the falls, and you’ll go through beautiful hemlock trees on the way.

Accepting for the time being that you’re in the mentality for a more expanded, seriously depleting climb, you can walk around Swallow Falls to Herrington Manor State Park, a stepped climb that is just longer than five miles.

10. National Harbor

Best Places to Visit in Maryland
[See Map]

National Harbor is on the Potomac River and is among the unique places to visit in Maryland.

It is an esteemed waterfront interest, including an unassuming pack of lodgings, restaurants, and a meeting corridor.

With this overall impeccable interest, you can participate in various activities.

Reasons for Recommendation

Make decisions to visit a betting club, to do shopping at various stores, endeavoring the close by cooking at first in class bistros riding a carousel with your children, and many decisions.

Going before leaving, guarantee you ride the Capital Wheel.

It towers 175 feet tall and components 42 climate-controlled gondolas and magnificent points of view on the scene.

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11. Ocean City Boardwalk

Tourist attraction in Ocean City, Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 698 N Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 800-626-2326

The Ocean City Boardwalk is a tip-top, award-winning coastline port.

It features many up-scale motels, restaurants, and notable amusement networks.

Gather your family, an outstanding someone, or partners as you go through a breathtaking day together at maybe the best place to get away in Maryland, the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Reasons for Recommendation

It is a gigantic sum for you to guarantee a great time, like a diversion mecca, complete with invigorating rides and a Ferris wheel, a verifiable focus, beachfront bars, and stores selling different knickknack things, close associations offering visit decisions, an aquarium, consequently considerably more.

Visit from October 1 to April 30 if you want to take your pet along for your exceptional trip.

These are the perhaps times during the year when the pathway is pet-obliging.

12. Rock Hall

Town in Maryland
[See Map]

Maryland’s maritime culture is perhaps no more evident than in the shoreline town of Rock Hall.

It is among the interesting places to visit in Maryland.

Reasons for Recommendation

Fishing and floating are a way of life here, and crab and shellfish boats can be going this way and out of the harbor fundamentally reliably.

The shellfish arrived is served in the town’s fish restaurants. It means that it’s new, close by, and radiant.

You can stop by the town’s verifiable focus to learn about its inheritance and take a stroll at dusk to watch the harbor shimmer.

13. Lusby

Some first-time visitors to Maryland are stunned to see such many thrilling perspectives in the state.

You can go to the town of Lusby in Southwest Maryland to see the unpleasant slopes along the Chesapeake Bay.

Reasons for Recommendation

The essential inspiration to come here is to look for fossils along the shore that date back staggering different years.

It is a silliness spot to go for a trip or have a go at a projecting pole.

14. Point Lookout

State park in Scotland, Maryland
[See Map]
Address: 11175 Point Lookout Rd, Scotland, MD 20687, United States
Phone: +1 301-872-5688

Point Lookout seaside is a great swimming region, and one of the top places to visit in Maryland for visitors searching for water insight.

The Potomac River goes into the Chesapeake Bay and designs the body of land of Point Lookout Beach.

The seaside offers a quiet and shielded outing district with rich trees on the riverside.

Reasons for Recommendation

The swimming beach on the Potomac side is by lifeguards during the seasons.

The picnic district furnished with grills, tables, and a wilderness exercise center stays open on a whoever wants it most will get it premise.

You can sit and relax under the nightfall on the stones.

Attempt to visit the Civil War Museum on your next journey to this significant site.

15. Rockville

Rockville is an imperative city in the territory of Maryland that has transformed into a middle for programming and biotech associations in the locale.

The city is known for its blend of normal heavenliness, vital plan, and current metropolitan wrapping up.

Reasons for Recommendation

The city is well known for different houses and estates that are reminiscent of the design of the past.

Among the essential attractions include the Rockville Railroad Station and the Beall-Dawson House.

The Rock Creek streams near the city, outlining the Rock Creek Regional Park.

Nature sweethearts and experience searchers can go to the entertainment region or Lake Needwood to go hiking, fishing, or explore nature.

16. Silver Spring

Silver Spring is one of the edge metropolitan associations of the Washington district, known on a level for its quick urbanization.

The city is among the cool places to visit in Maryland, prestigious for its retail malls and office spaces while being spread out predominantly for private purposes.

Reasons for Recommendation

The midtown locale of the city is known for highrise lofts and office spaces while also catering to shopaholics of the area.

The city is also known for its offbeat attractions are remarkable to it.

It consolidates the Coastline Wave Pool, where real-time ocean data impacts the wave conditions of the pool, as well as the Wheaton Station lift, the lift on earth that requires practically three minutes to ride from start to finish!

17. Six Flags America

[See Map]
Address: 13710 Central Ave, Bowie, MD 20721, United States

Offering an exhilarating day at the occasional gathering of Six Flags America is one of the most gladdening spots to track down in Maryland.

This water diversion mecca offers more than 100 stimulating and energizing rides.

It moreover is sired to the water park in Washington close by portraying a combination of captivating shows.

Reasons for Recommendation

The presence of a couple of considering exciting rides like the ‘Wild One,’ ‘Superman Ride of Steel ‘ and the ‘ Joker’s Jinx ‘ turn out to be inconceivably invigorating for the youthful.

These rides are a need attempt that satisfies your experience craving soul.

You need to worry about the best vacation spots in Maryland.

18. Muddy Creek Falls

Creek Falls be one of the great places to visit in Maryland.

Western Maryland wraps just about 60 ft of stream water streams into the Pottsville Formation.

These invigorating roaring falls are an inconceivable inspiration to a part of the famous pioneers, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford, that are known to have camped out by these falls together.

Reasons for Recommendation

There is a 3$ cost to enter the diversion region, after which the specific park signs will guide you to the falls.

Expecting you are ever in Western Maryland and are looking for the solace of nature, this spot will be undeniably appropriate for yourself and your loved ones.

You no point in the future needs to choose what to visit in Maryland.


No matter what you’re looking for in a move away, there’s something here for you in Maryland!

Maryland is a state stacked with history and typical radiance. From its fabulous coastlines and mountains to significant homes, there are various places to visit in Maryland to keep you involved for a seriously prolonged period.

Maryland is a viewpoint. It’s the channel, the beaches, the mountains, the valleys, and the trees.

A lifestyle reflects our blueprint of encounters and inheritance.

Maryland is about to live perfectly, and it’s connected to living perfectly for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people in Maryland do for fun?

Various entertainment decisions consolidate museum visits, bar crawls, bike rentals outside shows, and boat trips around the water. You’ll separate your flip-flops before out of horseplay stuff. On the off chance that you want to have a great time in Maryland, Ocean City Boardwalk is an ought to do!

Where are the best places to live in Maryland?

The best places to live in Maryland are:
1. Baltimore: Best Place for City Living
2. Annapolis: Best for Coastal Capital Living
3. Bethesda: Best for Commuting to D.C.
4. Oakland: Best Place to Live Out West
5. Ocean City: Best for Resort Living
6. Frederick: Best Place for Families

What is the nicest part of Maryland?

Some nicest places to Visit in Maryland are:
1. Baltimore.
2. Assateague Island.
3. Frederick.
4. National Harbor.
5. Deep Creek Lake.
6. Chesapeake Beach.
7. Patapsco Valley State Park.
8. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park.
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