11 of the Top Beaches to Visit in South Carolina

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South Carolina isn’t just an unbelievable state to visit for its rich history and attractions. It is home to  great South Carolina beaches.

South Carolina is a fundamental takeoff spot for the difficult beachgoer on the pursuit after a sustaining break from the customary day-by-day practice.

Oceanside dears can track down plenty of spots to hold two or three dazzling perspectives on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Whether or not you’re searching for your family’s following summer place for moving incessantly or an earnest break, there’s a South Carolina ocean side ideal for you.

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South Carolina offers magnificent natural sees with the consuming sun and soothing waves. This likely goes on you hop onto the going with a trip to South Carolina beaches.

Why Plan an excursion to South Carolina Beaches?

You won’t find any level-headed as versatile as South Carolina beaches. Whether or not you’re investigating alone or going with family, they have everything. 

What’s more, the best part is, there are such endless coastlines to visit, and you’ll fight to fit them all in your week’s end trip. This state offers heaps of various attractions of real value. It is also well-known for its golf courses and the unquestionable attributes of its unassuming networks, specifically Charleston.

When to Plan an excursion to South Carolina Beaches?

Nowadays, there’s no specific move-away season for people all around the planet. Everyone plans journeys and escapes according to their tendencies and schedules.

The beginning of it is likely the coldest period on South Carolina coastlines. From January until March, you will find a virus season. If you have a relaxing trip as a first concern, you should go between April-June.

July in South Carolina beaches is singing hot and has the most significant precipitation probability. The hurricane season is from June until November. The most outrageous environment hits the coastlines just from August-October.

Rundown of 11 best South Carolina beaches

To exploit your time in this state, read our overview of the best South Carolina beaches.

  1. Folly Beach:

Folly Beach is an unprecedented sun spot inside the reach of Charleston. Indiscretion Island is home to Folly Beach and its fishing, which similarly makes the best setting for an ardent picture. 

Folly South Carolina Beach

It’s moreover among the magnificent South Carolina beaches to stroll around while participating in the ocean sees. For a great experience, rent a kayak and paddle around the inland shore of Folly Beach Country Park. 

You’ll likely see a couple of marine wildlife, including dolphins, stingrays, and even bonnet head sharks.

  1. Edisto Beach:

Edisto Beach is one of the best South Carolina beaches. Edisto Beach has a charm that makes it particularly charming for the people who like a more settled seaside knowledge. 

Edisto Best Beach

The town of Edisto Beach itself justifies the somewhat long endeavor from Charleston, known for its diners everything considered for its shops, presentations, fascinating for the time being boardinghouses, and for the most part laid-back vibe.

 Other fun exercises consolidate seaside camping, fishing, and, come sunset, a marvelous dolphin-watching or dusk venture. 

The entertainment region offers a different phenomenal way to follow, which along these lines can invite a couple of uncommonly quiet spots to stop and loosen up close to the sea.

  1. Sullivan’s Island Beach:

Sullivan’s Island is on the city’s harbor mouth, just a little ways from downtown Charleston. This place is popular with joyrides for its natural setting.

Sullivan's Island Beach

While the shortfall of public workplaces may mean the seaside isn’t undeniably appropriate for those traveling with more energetic youths, those with youngsters – and, clearly, couples – will see the worth in the manner that there’s a ton of room to spread out on this seaside. 

As one of the humblest had islands on the South Carolina coast, there’s moreover a particularly beguiling neighborhood.

  1. Myrtle Beach:

The more than 60-mile stretch of shorelines on the South Carolina coast from Little River to Winyah Bay – Myrtle Beach is unprecedented for families searching for an oceanside objective with a load of exercises on and off the shore. 

Myrtle Beach South Carolina,
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline.

Myrtle Beach offers sandy shores with first-rate golf. It also has attractions the entire family will adore, similar to the SkyWheel Ferris wheel, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, and Promenade, and that is only a touch of something bigger. 

Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes is one of the different South Carolina beaches nearby.

  1. Huntington Beach State Park:

Organized between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, Huntington Beach State Park offers fundamental protests, fishing, bird-watching, climbing, and obviously, a three-mile ocean side. 

Huntington Beach Shoreline

There are more than 300 kinds of birds at the entertainment locale, making it a birder’s heaven, and guests are known to see pelicans, gators, ocean turtles, without a doubt. Atalaya Castle, now a National Historic Landmark, was worked here during the 1930s as a colder season home for Archer and Anna Huntington. 

Furthermore, setting up camp is accessible at Huntington Beach State Park for individuals who need to put more energy into taking an interest in its generally expected significance.

  1. Surfside Beach:

Surf side’s obligation to family concentrate goes past its moniker – it changed into the essential compound cumbersomeness well-disposed travel objective on the planet in January 2016. 

Surfside Beach

Guests can take an interest in the sandy shores from 36 undeniable ways, and there’s comparably restricted scale golf and a lot of restaurants to examine. 

There are a few inns on Surfside Beach, including the Surfside Beach Oceanfront Hotel, yet you can likewise pick a home rental, so you and your social occasion have space to fan out.

  1. Burkes Beach:

This stretch of sandy edges comes out with an arranged metered parking spot. It also has outside showers making Burkes Beach perhaps among the best South Carolina beaches. 

Burkes Beach

Go for an entire day of fun and feel the dash of light through cycling, climbing trails, and in any case, playing tennis and b-ball in the wild exercise place. 

Additionally, contribute energy to relax following a tiring day and witness the exceptional significance of nightfall on the shore. Burkes Beach vacationers should leave at the Chaplin Community Park.

  1. Seashores of Seabrook:

Seabrook Island is home to a 4-mile stretch of the white sand ocean side. The island is divided into two shores, Pelican beach and North Beach. 

Seashores of Seabrook

Most people head to Pelican to see likely the most astounding nightfall’s on the East Coast, while North Beach is correspondingly eminent for its zapping dawns and moving sand rises. 

Different attractions on Seabrook Island join an equestrian spot, a contention-style tennis court, and two title fairways.

In any case, being a short drive from Charleston, Seabrook Island figures out some method for remaining mindful of its significance and calm appeal.

  1. Kiawah Island:

Kiawah Island is a waterfront island off South Carolina, with 10 miles of huge South Carolina beaches, around 10,000 areas of a spot where there is an ordinary wood and each convenience to determine the issues of the whole family. 

Kiawah Island South Carolina Beach

Kiawah offers a load of sun and sand, and it’s simply a short drive to Charleston, a city stacked with Southern charm.

  1. Isle of Palms:

The Isle of Palms is a Lowcountry safe-house outside of the clamoring city of Charleston. 

South Carolina Beach

Front Beach is available to everyone for swimming and sunbathing, and settling ocean turtles stop here to lay their eggs in the tall climbs. Ideal private ocean side access is accessible at the family-obliging. 

Wild Dunes resort at the island’s northern tip with clean seashores, water rehearses, and chances to play a round of golf or ideal your serve in tennis.

  1. Hilton Head:

Hilton Head is quite possibly the most visited spot to move away on the East Coast, with a measure of 12 miles of shore. It is spilling over with shorelines and wide stops.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

It’s easy to track down different cafes, bars, and family-obliging amusement. Water dears can see the worth in rehearses near the ocean, for example, swimming, paddle boarding, drifting, sunbathing, fishing, and surfing.

 Other than chilling on the oceanfront, you can comparably play a couple of rounds of golf at Hilton Head’s many stunning greens. 

Shopaholics will be glad to hear that there are a few retail courts on the island where you can find them subtly had stored.

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